English Springer Spaniel National Open

Daniel and I were driving down the road
hey Samuel and we saw this event going on in the field so we stopped to see
what was going on and it’s the Springer Spaniel national open so it’s a dog
hunting competition and it’s open meaning professionals and amateurs are
competing against each other and I think we’re on day number two they’re on date
number two and the guy we just talked to he’s one of the Gunners and he said that
there are three Gunners at this stage of the competition and they spread out like
this and then in between each gunner there’s a dog handler and a dog and a
judge and there’s so a dog here and a dog here and they start on one side of
the field and they work their way across and as the birds fly up and the gunner
shoot him and the dogs will retrieve him and then the judges are judging so as
the days go by there’s four days and they’ll narrow it all the way down to
the top dog have cut me off we have not retrieve is complete the odds are count is 73 on the foot
it’s also called 73 is on retreat following the 75 Nash handler somebody drove the tractor here that was
really cool I think we walked all the way down the field once and then we
turned around and they walked up a different Lane and there’s a guy Patrick
who started talking to us and he just shared a bunch of knowledge with us
about this event and everything and what they’re looking for with these dogs is
for a dog that can find the birds the most efficiently so not necessarily you
know running farther out or farther in they’re looking for dogs who are gonna
be able to pick up scent on birds and then just charge in and flush the birds
up and as soon as the bird flushes the dog is supposed to sit down so they have
he said he called the ABCs it’s kind of like the baseline they have all these
rules if the dog breaks one of those rules then he’s out and right now
they’re at about 60 dogs that are still in the competition and so each time a
dog goes you know if they go out then they’re narrowing down the dogs and it’s
a four to five day competition some of the ABCs they said if a dog picks up a
winded bird and brings it back and they they crunch it then they’re out if they
flush up a bird and the dogs in the scent then they’re out so basically
there’s a bunch of different rules that the docs have to follow and they’re
switching out dogs as they’re going and it was really cool because the Gunners
have to be shooting at 90 percent to basically qualify to be a gunner for
these events even the the bird setters that are planting the birds the bird
planters they they were saying like they’re professional bird planters which
I didn’t know that existed and then obviously the the dog handlers and the
dogs like these are like top top-level dogs today they were hanging out with
so it was really cool event we’re super glad we stopped inside and we learned a
lot very different than Labradors so it was really cool Patrick if you’re
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back to the farm see you later hats off to you

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  • It doesn’t pay to stick your head out of your shell too early when you are with Cody, you are liable to get it run over by a dog or get a bullet wizzing by!! 🐢😳🐢😳🐢

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