English Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Guide

I’ve got six Springer Spaniels. I’ve breeding
and training and working them now for just over 25 years. They’re working dogs/pets.
I work them sort of five months of the year but then they’re very much my pets when they’re
not working. When you’re thinking about an English Springer
Spaniel, you definitely want to be thinking that there are two strains. There’s the working
type, which is bred for gundog work, and the show type which just get bred for the show
ring. Both the working side and the show side need mental stimulation. It’s just that in
the working side, you’ve got the supercharged version. A working Springer many not make
the best pet. If you like the look of a Springer, maybe you ought to be thinking about the show
side more. They’re very full of it, they’re very mischievous.
They’re an intelligent dog, and if they’re not occupied they find their own entertainment,
and the way round that is exercise and training. They must be trained. All dogs need to be
trained, but certainly a Springer Spaniel. They’re a working dog and they’re bred to
do a job. If you don’t give them a job, they will go self-employed, and a self-employed
Springer can destroy your kitchen in a day. Energy levels are very high, they’re bred
for stamina. They’re called Springers because when they’re working they’re springing up
and down in the corn or on the grouse moor. And they can just go all day, and you bring
them home at night and they can still go on. I’Ve taken a lot of rescue dogs in, Spaniels,
that people have bought them with young families, they haven’t had time to exercise them and
they’ve literally gone bananas in the house. The Springer Spaniel has a silky coat. This
coat has a tendency to tangle. This is why the dog has to be brushed on a regular basis,
at least three times a week. If you want to keep the coat in beautiful condition, it should
be groomed by a professional groomer every four to six weeks. Spaniels are a hunting breed, so they’re not
going to be like other breeds that are quite happy to either sit on your knee or walk alongside
of you. So busy all the time hunting. They thing that you have to be very careful is
they don’t start chasing, because a lot of Spaniels do run onto the road and get killed
from chasing rabbits and birds. So it really is very important, from a puppy, you really
do need to train them. Springers like mud. They’ve got a lot of coat,
they like water. They’re not an easy dog to keep if you like a pristine house. It’s going
to go in every bit of water it can find. You come out playing and within five minutes,
even though you think it’s dry outside, they always find the mud and the water. They make
perfect family pets, but you do need to have a sense of humour.

29 thoughts on “English Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Guide

  • Both ladies clearly know this breed VERY well.
    Clear distinction between the working/hunting lines and show dogs extremely relevant,

  • there are two types of springer the smaller field breed and the larger show breed.My field breed is 12 and hyper as ever.

  • I am sure a lot of people will say this but ours was the best Springer ever ('cept when he lived up to his nickname "stinky" and "dammit wheres my sock?".

    *little know fact about Springers is their bodies built around that tail so it can keep wagging non-stop.

  • "Mud and water"! Yeah, that's very true. But my Norma-Jeane was so clever, after a walk she always went to the shower by her own . . .

  • Aw. I've got a short haired white and liver English springer with fluffy bits around the legs and ears. She's so affectionate and lovely but super fun and energetic at the right time!! .. mostly.

  • I have a springer, and they are amazing faintly pets, good to go running with and make my family very happy

  • After looking at that clip, it explains why I have to clean Miss Ellie every time we go for a walk! She loves to swim and roll in the mud! She's a lot of work, but I love her and want another one!

  • I have a springer spaniel called Archie and a beagle called Tizzy. Archie is cheeky, energetic, Jumpy and EXTREMELY stupid!
    When we got Archie from a pup he had 2 other brothers who were really jumpy. Archie was lying down and wanting a fuss instead of jumping, so we got him in thinking he'd be a calm gentle dog. WE WERE WRONG. The next day he was hyper and up and about. Though he's stupid to an extreme amount he loves us and we love him! 😀

  • We’ve had two working springers and a cocker and I’d I have to attest to the fact that they LOVE getting messy but they are loyal to the bone-we live in the country though,I’m not sure I’d get one when living in the city

  • I have one presently and have had two others. I would like to add that Springer's ears being covered need weekly attention. Every Saturday I clean Queenie's inner ears with a 5% hydrogen peroxide 95% water solution swabbed on with q-Tips. She is happiest when afield and loves being part of the Ruffed Grouse hunt. Just a great companion.

  • "they are called springers cos they spring up and down"? No they aren't. they are called springers because they spring game from long grass. how can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you don't even know the background of the breed

  • I have one English dog he is a mixed breed with a redsetter he's a energetic family dog he is not calm he is never calm he not a show dog or hunter, he is kind of trained my mam likes a clean house but he reckes it, he dose not walk beside he's way In front of me and my dad on a walk. Please don't gudge my spelling am ten and my auto correct is not working sorry.

  • I have a 14 month springer which was bred to work but she is purely our pet, very loyal and affectionate, am I doing wrong by not working her? She does get lots of exercise, at least 2 x 1.5 hour walks daily and never wrecks our home so we must be doing something right?

  • Do any of these sound familiar:
    Always hungry
    Loves water – the muckier the better
    Loves mud – the smellier the better
    Loves rolling in/on dead things or fox/badger poo
    Loves being chased
    Loves Chasing
    Never gets tired
    Loves Frisbee/Balls/Sticks
    Very obedient (unless rabbit/deer/birds to chase)
    Daft as a brush
    Hates being washed/hosed down with CLEAN water
    Loves chewing smelly socks
    Always up for playtime
    Grins like a Cheshire cat
    Totally and absolutely loved and adored by entire family !

  • I have two young springers and I LOVE them…….Sadly their zest for life and loopy playfulness is not always appreciated by other people and their dogs 🙁 So we have had to train them a LOT……But because they're only 1 & 2 they can still be too crazy for the general public ! 😀

  • What is the best base dry food for them ? Duck? Beef? Chicken ? Pork? Lamb ? Tureky ? mine is not doing well with dry food base on beef.

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