ENG) 목욕이 싫은 푸들 ‘호두’ 집에서 목욕하기 l Poodle ‘Hodu’ bathing at home

Please turn on the C.C if you don’t see the subtitle Today is bath day for Hodu Hodu doesn’t know his fate and is hanging around me unknowingly Time for your bath! Time for your bath! Hodu hates baths Time for another round of catch with Hodu He is very quick and is not easy to catch After 10 minutes of scuffling, Hodu is finally taken into custody I start out by cleaning his ears I put ear cleansing fluids and gently massage his ears I brush his teeth which is high in the difficulty scale I try to practice with the tooth brush for adult dogs but fail once again I ended up using the tooth brush he used since he was a little puppy We move to the bathtub to begin with the actual bath I pour warm water starting from the his body I wash his face as if washing a baby with my hands Is that really you Hodu? Hodu looks like a completely different dog when he is wet The fur really have a big impact on the look of dogs I quess.. Shampoo is mixed with water I mix it well using my hand to make plenty of foam This way I can use less shampoo and minimize irritation to his skin I start shampooing starting from Hodu’s face I pay more attention to the nose area which can get dirty very easily After I wash his face, now it’s time for the main body He’s like a wet rag in the rain Poor Hodu… He keeps turning round and round as if to help me with his shower You are turning around to help me right? Now time for the treatment I spread the treatment evenly The nose area always has a lot of tangled fur I can get rid of the tangle easily when I brush the area Now time to rinse and finish off the bath I cover Hodu with a large towel before he gets cold I hug him tight to warm him up I cannot walk fast after spending so much time crouching in the bathtub I dry Hodu well with the towel It only takes a few shakes from Hodu to get half the water off of him Now I begin to dry him thoroughly I use warm wind (not hot) and dry the corners thoroughly Fortunately, Hodu doesn’t mind the hair dryer I have to dry the inside of the ear too When Hodu is 80% dry I turn off the dryer I give Hodu a general brush with the sliker comb This comb untangles the fur without hurting Hodu Poodles have curly hair so I have to be thorough The legs have a lot of tangled hair due to lots of movement from the legs It takes a long time to comb I use the comb brush for the areas that still have tangled hair By this time, Hodu gives up all resistance He seems to be free of all ideas and thoughts I am now finished with the combing Now for the final procedure I trim Hodu’s feet so that he doesn’t slip Hodu has weak legs so I have to pay attention to this Hodu looks so fluffly and looks like cotton candy Oh, and I cannot do his nails so Hodu gets a clipping every month at the dog salon Hold on a minute.. What is this look of resentment? He seems to have an itch at the neck He scratches his neck Then stares at me again Scratches and then stares He keeps on staring as if to blame me for giving a bath but soon falls asleep from being too tired I guess (But wait a minute, shouldn’t I be the one who should be tired?)

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