(ENG) 같이 목욕해요! 녹아내리는 크림푸들?! / Melting Cream Poodle

🙋‍♀ i am going to playground to pick up rookie Today is rookie’s shower day 🐶 why? 🐶omg who is this! 🐶its you! 🐶let me go down! all dogs are exited 🐶where have you been! 🐶i am not happy 🐶why i have to take shower! 🐶my feet is very clean! see! Sole marks 🐶Look! i am clean! i wanna go out! Do not wash. NEVER No choice Rookie~ you have to take shower~ Melting Moist Not Rookie Ready for the bubble massage! i massaged him with bubbles Mohican hairstyle cute Whiskers horn UNICORN Washing off the bubble Preparing for revenge He is trying to bite me Angry dog reckless I’m so angry. how I’ve collected all this dirts! you just washed away! i will never take shower again!

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