Emergency Dog Health Care : What to Do if Your Dog Is Choking

Hi I’m Dr. Adrienne Mulligan of Camp Verde
Veterinary Clinic in Arizona and I’m here today to talk to you about dogs choking on
behalf of expertvillage.com. Choking does happen occasionally dogs would woof down something
like a raw hide or like a big lump of grass because dogs like to eat grass some times
or a rock, or a bone or I have seen things like even springs, and metal pieces from gadgets
and they would get lodged right between there teeth and sometimes back were they are blocking
the air way. You are going to want to get them to the vet as quick as possible in these
situations but on the way on to the vet the way you can try to get at the problem is if
you have a bit roll of tape from you first aid kit you could open there mouth and they
are usually going to be opening there mouth gaging and put it between there teeth and
hold there mouth down ward. Us something like a pencil with a blunt end of a eraser or any
kind of soft but firm item to try to dislodge anything from the back of there mouth if you
could work around behind the roll of tape. That is one way to try to work out anything
that is stuck back there. If you are not having much luck just get them the vet but that is
the one thing that you could do to help them during choking. To keep them calm you could
wrap them in a blanket. You could wrap them in cool or you could get some cool water and
get a towel a moist towel to help calm them down. That would actually help a dog breath
better to wrap there chest in a cool moist towel. Then again using trusting blankets
to wrap them so they are not digging at there mouth and do the best that you can do dislodge
it but don’t get bit, don’t stick your hand in your dogs mouth. If there are more then
one or two people to help you sometimes you can get the mouth open and see pretty far
in but you only have a half of second to get anything out of there so just be very careful
use objects instead of your hands.

100 thoughts on “Emergency Dog Health Care : What to Do if Your Dog Is Choking

  • your going to hard on the dog go more easier poor thing !!!And every one stop animal torture they have all kind of videos on youtube with people tourturing there animals that dome would you like someone to do that to you noo

  • they are choking have you ever seen the Heimlich procedure when a person is joking its not a gentle touch to a person outher

  • My dog was choking on a chicken bone one time(some moron gave it to her) I panicked and didn't know what to do, she looked like she was having a seizure and was pawing at her face. She looked like she was close to death and thought she might be dead by the time I got her to the vet. I did what you didn't advise to do, I stuck my hand down my dogs throat and pulled it out, she didn't bite me. She's a mastiff so she has a pretty big throat so I could get my hand in there.

  • my dog was choking . that was royal canin, a very little piece. i didn't know what to do. my dog's very small. i smacked his in his back aND then when it didn't help i took him and shaked him for some seconds… it helped. but now i'm afraid what i would do in the future when it's going to happen again, i hope it is not! but i don't get this way of aid that that woman showed. really…

  • I'm surprised you suggested to stick something down the dogs throat blindly. Unless you actually see it, theres no way in hell I'm risking making it worse by accidently shoving it in further for complete blockage. Maybe thats what you meant but it should be mentioned for people not familiar with health care treatment.

  • 5 minutes ago my dog was choking on a meatball he couldnt be breath so i had to stick my fingers in my dogs mouth and take it out it was pretty far i was so scared

  • if you cant see the video because of the writing the bar where u move it up and down and to pause the video next to the fullscreen button press the button that says cc and hopefully it should go away its just there so if your deaf or hard of hearing then u use that hope i helped x

  • @Shaung1231 oh really! thats a very good way to do it. was ur dog good after all? well i hope he was its a very scary experience

  • i masterbate to dogs choking. So i enjoy feeding my animals small objects and watching them suffer. a little freaky but it turns me on 🙂

  • That dog demo was unnecessary, didn't need to do that to the dog, we are not stupid, we understand 🙂

  • good thing my dog was choking but i had to wait through a FUCKING 15 second commercial…fucking pricks

  • My dog was choking today. Her passage way was almost completely blocked and went unconscious due to lack of oxygen, so opening her mouth to swipe my finger in her throat was easy. The odd part was having to give her rescue breaths. Those thankfully brought her back and I then tried to get the piece of food dislodged. Thankfully this worked. I have no experience in this but was amazed at how adrenaline rushes can cause our instincts to kick in.

  • Once I was coming back from a Halloween party before I left I gave her a piece of KFC chicken when I came back she was crying one of the prices was stuck in her throut I was able to get it out with tweezers also another Time a bone was in her mouth sideways

  • its probably not good to have a advertisement before the video because in emergencies someone might want this information quickly. i did when my dog was choking. :l

  • Lol she was staring at the camera and telling it ow to dislodge something from your dogs throat meanwhile… Her dog is choking lol

  • wish I would have known this sooner, my dog was choking and had knoow idea what to do, if I was supposed to do something first or what. Thankfully, my dog is ok now, in fact after he was done choking, he started wagging his tail and was begging for more!!! hahaha =)

  • @nonalliance Well,, when he wipes his butt on the floor that means his butt is itching, and you should go to the vet for the other stuff

  • why is there an advertisement? and if someone's dog was choking, don't talk about everything dogs eat. if we are dog owners, we would know so just get to the point.

  • well thats not choking. thats if something is stuck in the back of theyr mouth,
    my boston terrier choked on raw hide, and i mean choked, he could not breath and he just got a loud panicky scream out, if this happens you cant just wrap up your dog in a blanket, you have to do something, and that quickly!
    my dog is about 16 lps, so when he choked, i lifted him up around his hipps, holding him firmly and safely with his head tilted down, then firmly pressed on the side of his ribs,he made it!

  • This just happen to us.My dog choked on a piece of ice that was put in his bowl to keep it cool. He was walking as if he broken a limb while he was choking and we didn't know what he was doing. I then figured he was choking .My wife panicked i had to literally pry his mouth open and pry it out. He got lock jaw so it was hard. He was close to death he was limp.It was scary! my kids and wife were petrified.

  • I saved my dog from chocking by hiting it on the back and then the chest and massaging the dogs throat so it can throw it up or pass it down and it work and another time I stuck my hand in the dogs mouth and got the thing it was chocking on

  • Wrap your dog in a towel if s/he is choking??? Eh? Thats not gonna help a choking dog! Here's a link to good step by step instructions of what to do and there is a good video at the end of the page:

    ~ ~ ~ EDIT….~ ~ ~ You Tube won't let me post the link to step by step instructions. Google "Wiki How to Save a Choking Dog" and you should be able to find it…. ~ ~ ~

    My dog started choking tonight. Thankfully I was able to remove the piece of raw-hide easily enough.

    It was VERY scary!

  • It doesn't care if the dog bites you because you just saved them! and plus i think hands are way safer than a tiny eraser, the eraser can rip off the pencil and fall in there too.

  • @Gillian Lamb She did not say that wrapping your dog in a towel will prevent them from choking. What that simply does is help them relax. The last thing the dog needs to do is start to hyperventilate with a partially obstructed airway because that can force the object further down the dogs throat.

  • My dog was joking one time & I just laid her on her side & started pumping on her upper abs..she's very small so I had to be a little gentle but if you do this don't ever place your hands on the rib cage cause it could break but just place one hand on the other and push until the dog coughs it out

  • That's nuts, poking around their throat with a pencil when you can't see what's stuck there could push the item further down into the windpipe. The heimlich maneuver "for dogs" should be applied immediately you're sure that they are choking. Hold them upside down and perform the maneuver from below the diaphram GENTLY. Follow her advice and you'll be carrying a dead dog [wrapped in a blanket] into the Vet's. You just won't have enough time if you try to get a choking dog to a vet's. It takes 30 secs to a minute to pass out another 5 to die, can you get to the vet's in that time ?

  • Thank God.. i Live right next door To a Vetinerian Clinic…. A Pet Hostipal We Might take my Puppy There we dont Know 🙁            what does it mean when she is breathing slowley?

  • My dog was choking yesterday and I just shoved my fingers down her throat then I gave her the Heimlich maneuver and held her snout with my hand and blew into her nose.

  • This happened to my bulldog today. He was chewing a bone and choked. He fell over and I freaked out . I put my fingers down his throat and got the bone out . He is my service dog to I was shaking horribly and scared. I saved my boys life today

  • rofl if your dog cant breathe dont do any of that comfort shit she said thats a total waste of time, your dog CANT BREATHE! rush to the vet immediately if you cant get the blockage out!

  • This video is horrible. Very bad advice for someone with a choking dog. Instead you should be using the heimlich. There are videos that demonstrate this available on YouTube.

  • If my dogs on the verge of dying I'm going to stick my hand down its mouth. Not gag it with tape and use a pencil. Wtf stfu mis informing people letting there animals suffer even more.

  • not even 10 mins ago my dog choked on a big chicken breast I just put my hand down his throat and grabbed it. I made sure he drank water afterwards he fine now. I also saved my other dog dallas from choking on a lego I did same thing it always works just dont be rough gentle put ur hand down his throat.

  • Today my 4 pound toy poodle was stepped on by my niece when she was trying to eat a greenie(I only gave her half). And I freaked out. Obviously. And she swallows it whole choked on it. She sounded like a talking cat. So I started squeezing her (because the first thing I thought of was the hemlock meneuver) and she stopped then I set her down and she started to throw up and I started cheering because I didn't want her to die. And it came out whole and had a milky white sticky coating on it and there was some blood. But after i let her calm down. And have her some water and small chewy treats. And she was fine.

  • Are you kidding me? If your dog is choking grab a roll of tape and your toothbrush to get the object out.. And if that doesn't work, just put them in the car and drive them to the vet?? Really..

  • we had a corgi pup and it was chocking on food and my mum stuck her fingers down to get it out and I said maybe CPR and after the puppy almost died my dad did Mouth to Mouth with a dog, Note: it was stuck in her windpipe, we luckily saved her but can you do a tutorial with puppies

  • Really bad information, if the dog has a blocked airway your should never stick another object into their throat! This is crazy advice from someone why does not know safety protocal. DO NOT PUT THINGS INTO AN AIRWAY THAT COULD POTENTIALLY PUNCTURE THEIR THROAT!!!!

  • my dog was choking last night on a piece of plastic about the size of a quater she was making weird noises and clawing at her mouth and had her mouth open. this is my first dog so I had no idea what to do so I kept scooping my finger down her throat to see if I could feel anything . I was so scared I had no clue how to help her and she's just a baby 3 months old. finally it came out after repeatedly scooping and she was fine after. so today I am doing all my research on a canine Heimlich maneuver so I can be prepared next time. hopefully never but you never know. very scary to watch your baby almost die and your feel totally helpless. do you research and be prepared.

  • my dog choked today on a big chunk of meat he got of the table…he was acting helplessly and he even went on his back with his arms flailing..he tried to walk but he was off balance…i didnt know what to do so i picked him up and just started hitting the back of his neck as he was in my arms..he wobbled to my daughters room and jumped on her bed..i chased him yelling for my daughter to help and i saw the meat come out of his mouth on the bed…i thank god…i love my dog..hes a pug

  • i tried to do the heimlich maneuver on my dog while he choked .. unfortunately i couldn't save him. i miss him so much I'm so heartbroken.

  • My dog did this today, and he froze up-stiffened and fell over on his side and started shaking…he even let out a little pee….I put my finger in his throat/mouth and pulled out a tiny piece of carrot he was instantly fine…oh my word that was very scary!!!!

  • When my puppy (Golden Retriever) was about 4 months old she started to vomit. She threw up a rock about the size of a lemon. I had no idea she had eaten it until she vomited, I thought she just had an upset stomach. I was stunned when I saw that big thing come out of her mouth. Dogs have very powerful throat muscles, much more that humans and it was like she was gagging but pushing it up. Also, their throats are shorter. After that, I worry she might decide to swallow something else. Fortunately the stone was smooth, but she if she swallows something sharp, it could be fatal. Honestly, this video was no help, how can they gag something up if they have a roll of tape in their mouth?

  • I for one cannot thank you enough for posting this video. I also understand you you never said anywhere in the video to cram something down the dogs throat. Only to attempt to dislodge something from behind their teeth. Anyway with that suggestion I ran my finger around my dogs teeth and mouth and with him fighting to get my finger back out of his mouth he was able to dislodge whatever it was on his own. I am so relieved. We were ready to take him to the vet and already have another dog with breast cancer that has to have an expensive surgery this month.

  • What??? Are you actually telling people to put a roll of tape in your dog's mouth, TRY to see behind the tape, and put a pencil (eraser side) in it's mouth?? First how can you even see behind the tape? What kind of advice is this???? This video needs to be shut down in order to save the life of a dog so no one else sees this.

  • Going to grade the doc a C- on this. The question was "What to Do if Your Dog Is Choking". The answer requires exhaustive approaches to the question. Not just one approach with a 'get them to the vet' answer.

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