Emergency Dog Health Care : How to Tell if Your Dog Has Eaten Rat Poison

Hi I’m Dr. Adrienne Mulligan of Camp Verde
Veterinary Clinic in Arizona and I’m here today to talk to you about rat poison on behalf
of expertvillage.com. Rat poison is the number one poison that people purposely put out to
kill vermin and sometimes they purposely put out to kill annoying neighborhood dogs and
that is a really really sad situation. The thing about rat poison is it comes in many
shapes and sizes usually it is blueish these are blocks but there are blue grains that
come in a box that shake and they taste very good so rats would eat them and mice would
eat them. The problem is it makes dogs eat them and almost every single case that I ever
had of rat poisoning the owner has sworn to me that the rat poison was no where or the
dog could get to it and so believe me no matter where you put rat poison it is not safe in
your house, in your garage, in your yard your dog will find it. It will not act immediately.
It will have no symptoms right in the begin. If you see your dog eat some then this is
a prime time to dump so hydrogen peroxide a teaspoon or two down his throat and get
him to throw it up and if he throws up blueish greenish stuff then you know you got him to
get rid of some of it. The good news is there is antidote which is vitamin K but your veterinarian
has to administer this. Now rat poison the thing you need to know is it may not cause
any symptoms if you don’t see your dog eat it or you don’t come upon your rat poison
pile disappear when you think that it shouldn’t be all gone like that then if you don’t know
if your dog has eaten it the symptoms may not show up for a week, or two weeks, or three
weeks and the symptoms are bleeding and inability to plot. So this could show up with blood
in the urine, blood in the stool, a bloody nose, blood around teeth, blood in anyplace
of a cut that doesn’t quit bleeding and sometimes just bruising. You might notice just bruising
which looks just like a bruise on a human so if you see these things then you need to
get your dog to the veterinarian immediately and ask if it could possibly be rat poison
and there is antidote and so you could get your pet treated for this but it has to be
caught early enough. Rat poison can come in lots of types and boxes and you want to kind
of avoid those kind of things. There are other types of rat poison that poison differently
but they are not as come but all rat poison are pretty dangerous. So glue traps this is
a glue trap this is not a poison it traps rats in a different way. These are maybe a
safer alternative if you are having a pest problem.

22 thoughts on “Emergency Dog Health Care : How to Tell if Your Dog Has Eaten Rat Poison

  • I will never use a glue trap on ANY rodent.

    That is cruel, and certainly unecessary when there are simple HUMANE cage-traps to use…

  • my dog vomits blood with a yellowish liquid on it and he has not eaten for 2 days now only liquid.. i know i will take him to the vet 2morow.. but what could it be???

  • My dog hasten eaten her food and she cant keep anything down also she threw up just regular clear liqid

  • most likely, parvo. One of my friends dog that I was taking care of it had the same symptoms and died of it.

  • i use glue traps and never gotten a single rat but when i get one i will spray thinner on it and burn it. i just bought a powerful poison that kill them in about five minutes after eating it. it's great, this mourning i found 7 dead rats from last night. nice

  • My dog started peeing heaps of blood today. Then it was dripping out on the floor at the vets. He is in the vet hospital overnight being treated for rat poison. I hope it is not. I hope my boy is okay. They said he wasn't bleeding anywhere else but they still think thats what it is. Where could he have gotten it from???

  • yeah my new puppy ate rat poison, i dont know how it got to it, im pretty sure behind the fridge is to small for a dog to get in there but some how he did so i went to the vet got some vitaman k and now he should be alright i hope. Dam jack russles they can do anything.

  • how much rat poison would a 60lbs doog have to eat, in order to have a problem, the blur pellet stuff, just a few peaces or more?

  • you say in the video they bleed, my daisy had no bleeding at all, just a big vilent sezeing, is vilent sezeing any part of syimptem to eating rat poison? I know she never had any bleeding because she was with me every were i go, I am thinkking someone gave it to her being I can not find anything as to what was wrong……

  • What about if the dog had fresh red blood in their stools, and this has now reduced significantly – his gums are healthy and he's still eating and drinking, just a little lethargic? I have no rat poisoning in yard, took him to the vet yesterday & he was checked and put on ABs. I was in the yard today and noticed in the garden, a small thin slather of blue stuff with white underneat – I immediately thought bait. My older dog now has blood in her stools as well????????

  • Do the dogs gums go yellow? My dog has gone to the vets and I'm so upset, they said it may be rat poison, but it was in the wall cavity, so I have no idea how she could have got it. Please answer this question for me, I need to tell the vet ASAP. Thanks xx

  • Why do you need rat poison if you have a dog ? My Maltese X Poodle Eddie has all the rats in our neighbourhood terrified, they won't come near the place. Since I've had Eddie he has killed over 20 rats I take him out on rat hunts he loves it so much. I live in Sydney right in the city and he'll find their nests and dig them out. He doesn't eat them just loves murdering the little buggers.

  • I used a cage trap and caught a rat but just couldn't drown it, the poor little guy was squeeking and panicking as the water covered him when I dropped the cage in the sink. I pulled him out cage and all and told him I was going to open the cage door. Meanwhile my Maltese Poodle is going nuts wanting to get the rat so I said to the rat if you can outrun the dog you're free, well ha ha I've never seen my little dog move so fast. He snapped the rat's neck before he could get 5 inches out of the cage. That was rat number 1 of over 26 or so.

  • What if its a few hours late.We put rat poison to kill the rats but in the morning we saw hour dog shaking in the ground.I'm panicking because if she ate rat poison,her puppies are gonna die because she gave birth a few days ago and is still giving them food.

  • Oh, please don't recommend glue traps. Much more humane (usually) to use the good old fashioned snap traps. If set correctly, these will kill a mouse or rat very quickly so they never know what hit them.

  • My dog ate rat poison but he was treated properly, but now he can't walk, his back legs are very loose.. Please give any suggestion (there is no veterinary hospital in our area ). so please help..

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