El labrador y la providencia de Felix María Samaniego

A tired labrador,
in the hot summer, under an oak
He rested peacefully and calmly. From your sweet stay
I looked grateful the good with which the earth
he rewarded his painful exercises. Among a thousand productions,
daughters of his crop, I saw pumpkins
Melons on scattered floors. “Why Providence
-It said between itself, – put the acorn
in elevated and pre-eminent place? How much better would it be?
that, changing destiny, Hang from the branches
pumpkins, melons and cucumbers? ” Well in a timely manner,
at the time this said, falling an acorn,
hit him in the face unexpectedly. “Pardiez!” He interrupted then.
the simple farmer- If what was acorn
some fat melon would have been, Of course I could
take a good match, in similar case,
get discolored, but alive! ” Here the Providence
manifest wanted who knew everything
point wisely to your destiny. A greater good man
everything is divided: I hold the fish in its shell,
and free the bird through the air.

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