Dylan O’Brien From The Maze Runner Plays With Puppies

– I’ve removed my shirt. ‘Cause the puppies (laughs) made me warm. Come back. Puppies puppies puppies puppies. (jaunty music) Come here. Hi. You’re the little rascal. You’re the little rascal. (jaunty music) My favorite part about
filming the Maze Runner movies was the family, oh my God, he’s shaking. (he laughs) The family that was made on set. We all really had an amazing
time making these movies and they’re constantly
fun and they’re constantly a joy to do which is super rare. Do you need me to sit up? (he laughs) (jaunty music) Oh my God. If I had to pick a
character, I’d say Chuck ’cause he was, he was like a, oh my God. He’s like a dog, he’s man’s best friend. Just like these dogs are my best friends. Come here! Come here. (jaunty music) (popping) Any time on set with
Tyler was always the best. Teen Wolf was like a second home to me and Tyler’s like a brother. Isn’t he, huh, good buddy? (jaunty music) The puppies. I’m kidding, there are
no puppies in the movie. This film, this last movie
answers all the questions that fans and people who have
seen the first two may have so it’s finally all gonna be wrapped up and you’re finally gonna
be not confused anymore. (energetic music) If I were to give my younger
self one piece of advice, it would be to not be
so shy, lean into nerves or even if, especially if
it’s, involves something that you know you genuinely enjoy. Don’t let fear and, kind
of, nerves or shyness keep you away from doing
that ’cause it almost kept me away from acting. But not the puppies. (energetic music) Cocker spaniel ’cause that
was my dog growing up. I gotta take this off. I’m getting hot. (energetic music) Tyler Posey again or any one
of my Teen Wolf castmates or any one of my Maze Runner castmates. One of the biggest part
of those things ending is realizing you don’t know when you’re gonna work with
these guys again so, and I would jump at the chance to, always. (energetic music) Stay grounded and just
be you always and normal and just to value your
roots and your friends. I guess it’s easy to get caught up in the industry or in
Hollywood or whatever if you’re a young actor
but know it’s important. Oh my God, can we zoom in on that? There was some butt
head nuzzling going on. Nuzzle back into his butt. (energetic music) None of them. (he laughs) I made a music video one time. It (laughs) are we getting this? (energetic music) Oh no! Was that too much for you? First video I ever posted to my channel was this little music video
that me and my best friends from New Jersey made and that
was how I started my channel, ’cause then my friend was like, oh you should put this on YouTube! And I was like, what’s YouTube? And then I just made an
account, put that video up there and then that became my YouTube channel. (jaunty music) No, I think they probably had a few leaks and broke up or something. She’s complicated, that one. Lydia is. (he laughs) Yeah, yeah. They’re destined to be together. They love that sandbag. (jaunty music) Not as often as we’d like. I think it’s tough when
you’re trying to see people you know in the industry. It’s always tough. Everyone’s always away or traveling. It’s rare to be in the
same place at one time but, given all that, I’d say
I’ve seen them pretty often. I see Tyler all the time. (jaunty music) All the Maze Runner movies
always taught me something as an actor and a person. Go ahead. Venture out. (jaunty music) Yes. No! What was the question? You always try to get your
legs in shape a little bit ’cause you’re running,
Maze Runner, I don’t know. Next question. (he laughs) (jaunty music) I don’t know if you can call
what I did on New Girl singing. And yeah, I would love to be in a musical. I don’t think I’d ever
be allowed to be in one because I can’t sing. (jaunty music) If I was what? Oh, if I wasn’t an actor,
if I wasn’t an actor. Guys. Come on. The grand finale. All three puppies. I’d work with little puppies. (he laughs) (jaunty music) Oh. I need three arms. (jaunty music) (sign creaking)

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