Durango Gacha Black Labrador Shock AW S

Hi, welcome to the Durango video this time I want the Black Labrador gacha to get special shock and aw S skills for the pet can not be found in stores because this Black Labrador Limited Edition So there is a specified time period to be able to buy in the shop In my opinion, this black Labrador is over power. Many special skills that support your game in this Durango Wildlands guys. So for those of you who don’t have the obligation to have it… You can buy at the island market using tstone (durango currency) or buy between players on Facebook, because in my opinion there are still many who store this pet. The most common question I ask is, Bro, to unlock special skills how shock and AW S how? well that is often asked. So, to unlock his special surprise and AW S skills You just have to take the speed attribute guys Minimum lv 2 speed to unlock special surprise and AW S skills on the Black Labrador guys. So here don’t be mistaken or don’t just choose attributes This speed attribute skill isn’t there when you want to get the Labrador pet attribute, but you have to give it whose name is speed supplements, you can get supplements by buying at the store or get the email sent by Nexon in a row. For those of you who have a special reset voucher for pets There is a new feature guys, so you enter the pet menu, there is a small icon the picture looks like “recycle”, that’s it just clicked then there is the option to return using a voucher special to reset your special pet skills 3 in this video I use is to reset my special behavior on my Black Labrador So for you πŸ™‚ who don’t know or who already know please try it hehe .. Reason I why I just uploaded a video about Labrador just now because the more competition the more players who are gacha to get the special shock and AW S skills were even more difficult our chances are getting smaller, that’s one of the reasons I just uploaded and I just uploaded it this time, well because according to me who have Labrador it has diminished or is rarely then those who have or who gacha special skills are also increasingly rare 124804422b71e92ad7798281910c400a So the logic according to my personal the greater the chance for me to get special skills shock and AW S guys, ok. For those of you who have or buy a caldera intruder hadro, I believe the voucher specifically to reset the special skill, the pet has been spent on the hadro caldera intruder, hehe. that’s according to my calculations, so for those of you who will later get a special pet skill reset voucher can only save a minimum of 4 or 5 to try your luck to get special skills shock & AW S Black Labrador, okay, go straight. Finally, the guys succeed 3x Gacha too Okay so before you ask me something I will try to explain here The first is I am sure you will ask, bro if the pet has to age before you can get it AW S shock? for that one i don’t know too well hehe .. but you can follow the contents of the video well then the second question that I will definitely ask is bro, what time do I gach it? So, I started gacha around 22:00 PM a few minutes Because 22:00 PM is the ideal hour according to me why is it ideal, because at 10 pm it all returns to the beginning yeah, everything resets as usual yeah All returned to each of them. But if you can, if there is a special voucher to look for special skills there is only 1 or 2 better do not push it better you wait for the voucher to a minimum of 4 or 5 then the next third question that you will ask how much does the AW S’s special shock skill decrease? I guess it’s about 960s guys but if you feel less you can use two Black Labrador pets with special shock and AW skills either S or A So how to use it when you use the surprise and AW skills that you first need to wait until the effect is complete after the effect is complete, you can immediately use or move to another pet with shock and AW skills ok So here, I use two Black Labrador with the same special skills to reduce his fatigue Because according to me even though I already have a shock skill and AW S on my Labrador but here I still feel less excited hehe .. that’s all the video for this time hopefully useful thanks for watching byee πŸ™‚ 124804422b71e92ad7798281910c400a

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