Drunken Dog Show: Episode TWO

Billy and I headed on over to Tunica
Mississippi to the dirt bowl of dog shows for the dog days of summer cluster where the weather is horrifically hot and humid my hair is beyond a hot mess
taking on a mind of its own in our second episode of drunken dog show by
the way I think this little dude has the right idea we all could have passed out
from the heat but then we would have missed the amazing twist at the end so
be sure to watch all the way through and of course click and subscribe so you
don’t miss one episode in Jenna sighs you mind delivering ice sir no with my pain master
it’s really hard to I know it’s a it’s a yes you live in Florida and it’s hotter
and more humid here this is inside Schnauzer a giant schnauzer we brought
them some Solana this is for you I’m eating part you can tell they’re
definitely look at our book we think they do a dog and dipper dude
there’s no an actor like super dude well too hard to predict yeah terrier can you
steer your tears the fourth point okay since you have all this extra time we
have known you guys ice can you get aside somewhere water water
they usually freeze it we also need napkins Mara and this is no
no II understand them a little to drink then if I spit I apologize she pointed
and we got the water dog the Spanish what is it Portuguese what city’s
watching a dog and then you know that is a very far away for
your photography burger the cars will get bigger must drink appropriately
that’s right you can’t cover the local line they teach you that in TV nup them
in TV look at my hair I know it’s a wreck
this is the Belgian fries are you looking just recently look at the amount of
facial hair out him I know see I would have a problem giving
him best you know when you look older than the other day there’s a bird
there’s a boy well I saw it’s now over there I mean I shaved my head last night
this and you can’t put a breath to German Shepherd and then running and
stuff already in Shepherd this is level 4 engine home in that we
told you right look at the five o’clock shadow every time you’re a big boy I got
dressed up for you right for you this is about you there’s no it’s our previous
server not very did not bring us eyes you can expected us to pay right okay no
alcohol sticking ever know okay if you have enough cheeseburger yeah and this
is the is that a skipper Keith yes did it come in colors they come in block and other shades of black which are
black because now you’ve messed up again we can’t have nice things
I don’t know I don’t brush people here no you look okay what’s going on I didn’t have time
to do my hair what is that this is a basan basan
cruise day today as my hair and mother of our maitre d’s thought that it’s all
right bailed no tip for you Matthew okay this
is the Australian Malamute American Eskimo first of all there is no
Australian Melanie’s it’s a last kicker the Malamute is in the working load and
it’s about three thousand times bigger than the American s :
give or take when are clapping does okay the case on the tower server the kissing
see what else oh the boss you made it yeah oh and here you gotta to carry that
too and this like we got a little loud that’s great no visits here you’re like quality where
well it’s like before it needs to be stripped down if you let it go out and
this is the terrier in the next camp chair this year the staff equip I love
so here the miniature Manchester Terrier that is Mariah Terrier a parcel carrier
in the smooth read by me the wire faster the miniature schnauzer that wanted to
pass Australian hair the one of them all sir interior Louis area highland white
terrier red terrier not north bulk and the knowledge with my dear friend Roxana
as the best clothes what’s the parson Russell terrier
having a problem stacking it over it’s a oh they have to span it so
they’re supposed to be able to go back to remember this man father wrong and if
I’m wrong don’t tell me about it cuz I’m good you have to stand with all to make sure
that it’s not too big to go in a hole or do its job so does one determine what
that cell size I believe you can suitcase and if you have the piece so
that they can go in and come out so on the table is Smooth Fox Terrier it is as
read by Lucy I call him with the girl Basilian he is
almost 11 months old and yesterday to invest in so the first day ever and
modern history of idly right that’s gone so that’s it that was my disappointing
so it was a really big day yes yes this whole name is Stan’s estimating what’s
your name is adorable it’s Wallace Lee i mustache you a question this is Matt Perry not some friends and
look at some this is the Karen tear with Lennie brown they didn’t even ask nice
we didn’t please we don’t have to ask nicely look at her mouth if you don’t
have a white jacket we ring sparkles this is another red Terrier it’s in
Norfolk so yeah isn’t that a country no clue in Airport no it’s a place in
Virginia you know I’m just really happy for her very pleased a very nice dog
this suit is but when you show on this dirty brown
you don’t want to blend your good stuff right I mean but we’re not showing we’re
sitting here at the edge of the dust color as opposed to standing right this
is this is also going my book why don’t get my girl please be in the ring for
several times yes very busy man get your butt in here wears a blue
ribbon this is that this is that what’s this right here
that’s the Labrador Retriever I love that jacket so sorry Oh we ever go with a call
Poyser nice detailing assortment of where my table and in the wine mallanna
of why me OSHA’s do it cause you can cuddle but so that’s it one two three
and four how did I get in the line oh yeah oh my god one whole lip is different
sighs no it’s not maybe although that’s fine just means and they look the same
why are the lights going darker I don’t know are we having strokes we can’t all
be having strokes at the same time right – it up that we’re not filming as we lay
in the dirt same this is a revolutionary very nicely
rates from here I can either mute it the same color is the dirt really like
toxins I think there used to be a but I like the wires
I even as little tiny puppy here my me of old name
I don’t really like okay that sounds terrible
that is not the truth it is not like that at all it’s very difficult to Steve
you’ve dollars because it’s either my closet I don’t think yes or not we’re
gonna France right there okay put a famine on it I can see see all the see
out of that corner this is a Portuguese Podengo pequenos Inka DVD we with my
favorite person on earth cactuses singing gene they’re from for greenhouse yeah for like 20 dogs we’ve been in town
it’s a nice little red bow it’s young but this oh wow a nice puppy
one a good one in the boundedness a retinol writing thank you later
oh that’s this family thing yeah I don’t have a hard time we put the crested the
pitch I put all the pottery me that’s another dog
the mr. manager Havanese Chihuahua where’s my other Chihuahua no this in
its own would you make me more cocktail I haven’t done nothing you made yourself
more cocktail this is K and the Crestor which I can tell you I want to crest it
do you you get on oh really yeah
God’s justice horrible you haven’t had a boob job for maybe time
applause you what well I am gonna poo girl I’ll get about dog dr. Jackie you’re gonna do those on
camera for free right but you’re the air time you’re gonna get smooth-coated
Russell or let you know there’s 58 Russell’s grant represented today and
isn’t feel good new camera needs it so we’re all good
it’s fine you’re good your hair looks awesome in this heat row
that’s how did that happen Harry is awesome have a nice Harry I
need food is what I mean is there a server for this section
wait right and about even give me the other global they don’t do breast well
the concessions are now I want to see the point
wait all the companies have a nice memory the top beyond and the press said
there we go the dog don’t cry congratulations team stache and to close
out this episode outside of the amazing win of course here is my favorite clip
of them all why are you not helping because I don’t
go to us we wouldn’t do it on camera he farts this noise – no I do not this one this is how it sleep the ridiculous

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