Drunk Girls Get Surprised With Puppies

– Oh my god. (happy music) (ice rattles) – Drink up, darling, I hate whiskey but
that’s all that was left. (coughs) (laughing) – Hoo! – I keep trying to get
your mom’s phone number. – Instead of my boyfriend’s– – But she won’t give me
her mom’s phone number! – I love dogs! They’re like the best thing in the world! – I love puppies. (squeals) – I never had a dog. My parents had dogs before they had me. The dogs were on purpose. I was a mistake. (laughing) (screaming)
(laughing) (laughing) (squeals) – Aaaah! – Oh, come here! Look at you!
– Oh my god! – Look at you! – You’re so fluffy! – Are you for real? – I’m gonna cry! (laughing) – Oh, it smells so good! – Wait, let’s make them kiss. – I can’t, I’m crying. – Do you wanna be by each other? Oh my god, they love each other. (gasps) There’s more? (whimpers) – No! I’m crying! (cries) – I’ve had such a hard Friday. – Oh my god, I’m in tears. – The happiest day! – I can’t take it. I just can’t. – Don’t give us more d–
– I want more! (gasps)
– No, they can’t keep coming! (cries) – Where did you get these dogs? – Wait, is this really happening? Because I can’t comprehend
what’s happening. – There’s too many dogs. – Oh my gah-ha! – They’re gonna fall off the table! – I’m like a single
mother in here, I can’t. I can’t! – Aw, they give me so much hope! (squeals) – This is crazy! – Why would you get me
drunk and then give me dogs? – I shouldn’t have drank whiskey! I can’t protect them! – Why did God give us puppies? Come here. (whimpers) – He’s on his belly! – Are they adoptable? (cries) – If you want a friend for life, then you should just get a dog. – They just need a home, and you can give them one. – Like, look at this (bleep) dog. And look at this (bleep) dog. (laughs) – Did you see that? She just licked me. – I’m a puppy, I’m a puppy. – Okay, say ‘cheese’,
Pistachio! Say cheese! – I had bunnies bigger than this. My bunnies would eat you! But they’re dead. – Remember when you guys just kept bringing dogs in here? That was so crazy… – Hi! – Oh, hey guys! – Sarah! Up here. – We made a series! – It’s coming out November 18. – Please watch it. – Get it here, over here.
– There. – Over there. – You got it. I think they got it, okay. – I’m out.
– Okay, bye! – If you look in the area, then you could see it. It’ll be released 2015. November. Okay.

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