Don’t Quit, Part 1

(Music) JERRY: Thank you for
joining me today. I’m Jerry Savelle and I believe, praise
God, if you will give me the next few moments, we’ll share
some things with you from the Word of God that will inspire
your faith. You know, if you’ve been going through some tests
and trials, some adversity, some challenges, then I believe that
we have a word for you today. That word is simply this: Don’t
quit. Don’t give up. God has not overlooked your faith. If you
stay in faith, it’s just a matter of time your
circumstances are going to change. That’s the promise from
God’s Word. I want to read to you Galatians chapter six
beginning in verse nine. “Let us not be weary in well-doing. For
in due season, we shall reap if we faint not.” You know, there
are many scriptures that talk about not fainting, not giving
up, not quitting. That’s one of the things that Satan endeavors
to do. He tries to talk people into quitting. I’m here to talk
you into winning, praise God. I want to encourage you to stand
your ground, don’t give up. Just because the devil says there’s
no way, that’s not the truth. Jesus is the way and if you’ll
keep standing on the Word of God, he will show up in your
behalf. Now, today, I’m very happy and very pleased to share
with you one of the messages that I’ve preached in the recent
Southwest Believers Convention sponsored by Kenneth Copeland
Ministries right here in Fort Worth, powerful meeting. I
believe the anointing of God has been captured on these
broadcasts. I count it a joy to be able to share them with you.
I know not all of you were able to attend, but praise God,
you’re going to hear some things today that I believe is going to
encourage you, energize your faith, and talk you into
winning. Here it is. The lesson I’m sharing is called Don’t
Quit. I want to talk to you this week about conquering the
temptation to quit. Thomas Edison once said, “Many of
life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they
were to success when they gave up.” I’m going to read it again.
“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how
close they were to success when they gave up.” Billy Graham felt
like quitting after he preached his very first sermon. He had
four sermons prepared and he was so nervous that he preached
all four of them in under 10 minutes. Can you imagine what
the world would have missed out on if Brother Graham had said,
“You know, I just don’t think I’m cut out for this.” George
Foreman, the former two-time heavyweight champion of the
world, once said, “I know from experience that you should never
give up no matter what.” I’ll say it again. “I know from
experience that you should never give up no matter what.” My
favorite quotes are found from the Bible. Micah chapter seven
and verse eight, “Rejoice not against my, O my enemy. For when
I fall, I shall arise.” You might get knocked down by the
enemy, but it’s not over. God will never say it’s over until
you win. Hallelujah. If you get knocked down, get up. The Bible
says in Proverbs 24:16, “A righteous man falleth seven
times but riseth again.” All you got to do to beat the devil,
if you get knocked down seven times, get up eight. Amen? Never
give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never quit. Look at
your neighbor and say, “Never give up and never quit.” Mark
chapter nine verse 23, “All things are possible to him that
believeth.” How many things? “All things are possible to him
that believeth.” Philippians chapter four and verse 13, the
New International Version, “I can do all things through him
who gives me strength.” This tells us that you can do
whatever you set your faith to do. I’ll say it again. You can
do whatever you set your faith to do. Life is full of twists
and turns and it’s easy to become weary and finally come to
a place where you’re no longer willing to keep on keeping on.
Quitting’s easy. That’s why so many people do it. Amen. There’s
a lot of people that used to come to these conventions. They
quit. A lot of preachers I used to preach for, they quit. Amen.
Quitting’s easy. A lot of people do it, but you’re not one of
them. Look at your neighbor and say, “I am not one of them.”
Say, “Quitting is not an option for me.” If I can only say one
thing this week, thank God I have the privilege of saying
several things, but if I could only say one thing to you this
week, this would be it: Don’t ever quit. Amen. Tell somebody,
“Don’t ever quit.” If you give up, then you will never know
what you could have accomplished. Always keep in the
forefront of your mind that all things are possible to them that
believe. Are you a believer? Then persevere. Are you a
believer? Then don’t look back. Are you a believer? Then make
the quality decision that quitting is no longer an option
and that failure is unacceptable. Years ago, I was
preaching in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I was preaching out in
a pasture. They had built a makeshift platform and people
were sitting out in lawn chairs out in the pasture. In fact,
while I was preaching, a cow walked between me and the
congregation. At the invitation, a German Shepherd came
up, praise God. I prayed him through. Praise God. He’s going
to heaven. Hallelujah. You know, this was the setting I’m talking
about. Before they turned it over to me, they had a small
group, a band that was singing. The praise and worship team were
on this makeshift platform. It was about three feet off the
ground, three or four feet. They put the drummer on the ground
over beside the platform. There wasn’t enough room to put the
drums and everything else up there. They turned it over to me
and I started preaching and I got so excited, I wasn’t sure if
I’d ever have the opportunity to preach a second time, so I
preached everything I knew, Kenneth Copeland knew, Kenneth
Hagin knew, Oral Roberts knew, and T L Osborn knew all in one
sermon. Hallelujah. I’m running back and forth across that
platform and I got too close to the edge and I fell off into the
bass drum. My bottom is in the bass drum. My arms and legs are
sticking out. Everybody got up to see where I went. I’m off in
the corner sitting in the bass drum. I said, “Lord, what do I
do?” He said, “Get up quick. Do it now. Don’t ask any more
questions.” I said, “But, Lord, I fell in the bass drum.” He
said, “Do a Micah 7:8. When I fall, I shall arise.” I said,
“What do I tell the people?” He said, “Don’t even mention the
fall. Just get up, take up where you left off, just act like this
is the way you preach all the time.” I got up, got back on
the platform, and just took off where I left off and, you know,
had a great service. At the end of the service, there was a lady
who came up to me and said, “Brother Jerry, how come you
done fall off the platform?” I said, “It was an accident.”
I said, “But did you see that recovery? Wasn’t that a nice
recovery?” She said, “Do you fall often?” I said, “No, did
you see the recovery?” She said, “Is there something wrong with
you? Do you need prayer?” I said, “Lady, I don’t want to
talk about the fall. Did you see the getting up?” A lot of people
spend their whole lives talking about the fall. I fell. We fell.
Don’t talk about the fall. Talk about the getting up.
Hallelujah. Can you say amen? You know, if you walk out of
this building today over back to your hotel and you trip and fall
on the curb, what are you going to do? If I did that, I would
get up so quick and hope to God you didn’t see me fall. You
don’t just lay there for the rest of your life. If I fell out
there on the way back to the hotel and somebody came by and
said, “Brother Jerry, are you all right?” “Well, I think I
am.” “Well, would you like me to help you up?” “Oh, no. You don’t
understand. I fell.” “Well, yes, we saw you fall but you said
you’re all right. Let me help you up.” “Well, you know,
God may be teaching me something down
here.” That’s stupid. Pinch your neighbor and
say, “That’s stupid!” No, when I fall, I shall arise,
Hallelujah! Amen. Make failure unacceptable. I was
preaching down in Jesse’s church and he told me, “You know, I’m
going to be preaching about failure is not an option.” I
thought, boy we’re really connecting here. We’re on the
same wave. So Jesse’s going to be talking about failure’s not
an option and I’m going to be talking about quitting is
unacceptable. Hallelujah, amen! Overcome the temptation to quit.
Everybody has the temptation from time to time. I came to the
Lord in 1969. I owned an automotive business. I was paint
and body man. I restored classic cars, my dad and I built hot
rods and raced cars. When Kenneth Copeland came 1969, he’d
only been in the ministry two years when I first met him. I
didn’t want to go to the services, Carolyn went every
service. He was there for a week. I didn’t want to hear any
more preaching. I knew I had the call of God of my life, and I
knew if I got under conviction, I’d have to yield to it and I
didn’t want to. So I stayed out of churches most of the time,
but Carolyn kept talking about Kenneth Copeland. She’d been
filled with the Holy Ghost since she was eight years old. She’d
been going to full Gospel churches ever since she was a
little girl. She would tell me every night when I’d come home
from work, “Jerry, I want you to go and listen to this Kenneth
Copeland.” She said, “He’s not like all the rest.” I said,
“Well, what makes him different from all the rest?” Because I
thought all they wanted was my money and my chicken. Carolyn,
she fed all the preachers that came to town. If she didn’t feed
them, her mother did. I got this idea in my head that all they
wanted was our chicken and our money. So I wasn’t going,
because I’d already heard all that I wanted to hear. She kept
saying, “But he’s not like the rest.” I said, “What makes him
different?” She said, “I’ve been hearing the Gospel preached all
my life, but I have never heard it preached like this man does.”
Finally she said this, “If you will go tonight, and you don’t
like him, I will never ask you to go to another service.” I
thought, “Now that’s the deal I’ve been waiting for. Do you
promise if I don’t like him, you’ll never ask me to go
again?” She said, “I promise I’ll never ask you to go to
another service if you don’t like him.” Well, I started not
liking him before I ever went, because if I don’t like him, I
don’t have to go again. Then I said, “Now who is this Kenneth
Copeland you’re so thrilled about?” She said, “Well, he’s
from Fort Worth, Texas, and he used to work with Oral Roberts.”
I said, “Well, I know who Kenneth Copeland is.” She said,
“How would you know who Kenneth Copeland is? You don’t go to
church.” I said, “Well, there was a Kenneth Copeland, back in
1957, who had a hit record on the radio called, ‘Pledge of
Love’.” She said, “It’s not the same man.” I said, “Well, why
couldn’t it be?” She said, “It’s just not. He’s not a rock and
roll singer.” I said, “Well I didn’t say he’s a rock and roll
singer now, but can’t rock and roll singers get saved?” She
said, “Yes, but it’s not him.” So now, I’m going for two
reasons. Number one, if I don’t like him, I’ll never have to go
again. Number two, I’d like to be right one time. I had
determined I’m going to get up and ask him before I leave that
meeting, “Are you the same guy that had that hit record on the
radio?” So Carolyn said, “Please don’t embarrass me.”
I said, “I’m not going to embarrass you, but I’m going to
ask him before the service is over, before we leave.” So
we went, and there was a lot of guys sitting on the platform. I
said, “Now which one is this Kenneth Copeland?” She pointed
him out. Then when they turned the service over to him, he
began to preach the same message he preached this morning. Amen.
Same scriptures, same message that he preached this morning in
this service. Amen. Mark 11:23-24, the word of faith
he called it. So he started out preaching about the word of
faith and so far, I’m not really into it. I’m just waiting for
him to start begging for the offering. Then that’s when I
decide I don’t like him, then I get to leave and I never have to
go again. But right in the middle of his sermon, he just
said, “I don’t know why I’m saying this, but somebody needs
to hear it. Back in 1957, I had a hit record on the radio called
‘The Pledge of Love’. My mama prayed me out of that rock and
roll business and I’m preaching the Gospel today. I don’t know
why I said that, but somebody needed to hear it.” He had that
right. I was the one who needed to hear that. When he said that,
all of a sudden he got my attention. For the remaining 45
minutes, I heard The Gospel like I’d never heard it before and
I couldn’t run from my calling, and I couldn’t run from God not
another day. Praise God, I surrendered my life the next
morning, February 11th, 3:00 in the morning, I surrendered my
life to The Gospel, to the calling of God on my life, and
praise God, I’m proud to say that out of Kenneth Copeland’s
50 years, Jerry Savelle has been with him 48 of them, Hallelujah,
amen!. You know what? He’s still my favorite preacher,
praise God. I told him after he finished this morning, “That’s
the message that changed my life.” Amen, changed my life.
Prior to that, prior to making that decision, quitting was a
way of life for me. I was a quitter. I’d get under pressure
and I’d look for the path of least resistance. After I
graduated from high school in 1964, I was just going to go
into the automotive business. My dad had taught me the trade, and
that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to work on cars. My dad
said, “Son, go to college. Get an education. This is a hard way
to make a living. If you still feel the same way after you get
an education, then you can come back and always work on cars. So
I went to college, not because I wanted to, but because my dad
wanted me to. So I’d been an athlete growing up, I played
baseball all my young life. I was a left-hand pitcher, south
paw pitcher. Even though my mic went out, I don’t quit. I played
baseball all my young life, all the way up to a farm league
team. So I thought, “Well, if I’m going to go to college,
I might as well go to play baseball.” But when I got to
college, I found out I had to take courses that had nothing to
do with throwing a baseball. I hated them. Psychology, Algebra,
all kind of stupid courses that had nothing to do with throwing
a baseball. So I remember my first day at Louisiana Tech,
when I walked in my first class, the professor said, “Everybody
look around at one another.” So we looked at one another. He
said, “Get a real close look at the person on your left and the
person on your right.” So we did and I thought, “What is this all
about?” Then he said, “The reason I’m having you do that is
before this semester is up, some of you will quit.” My first day,
he said some of us will quit. You know, two weeks before the
first semester was up, he was right. I quit. I drove my ’57
Chevrolet back home, went to Holmes Pontiac where my dad was
the body shop foreman. My dad said, “Son, what are you doing
home in the middle of the week?” I said, “Dad, I quit.” He said,
“You quit? Why’d you quit?” I said, “Well, Dad, they want
me to take courses that have nothing to do with throwing a
baseball and I don’t want to do that. I just want to work on
cars. Can you give me a job?” Two weeks later … Now this is
1964, September, October, somewhere along in there. The
Vietnam War is on hot and heavy. Two weeks after I quit college,
I got a letter in the mail. It started with “Greetings, Report
to your nearest recruiting office.” I showed them. I got
back in college. I didn’t want to go to Vietnam, but I went to
a different college where they didn’t know my reputation as
a quitter. Then, Carolyn and I got married in 1966
and I’m still going to college. I think
about three semesters into this, I’m having
to work during the day on cars and go to school at night. I
finally decided that, man, this is too much. I just went
full-time working on automobiles. I went to work …
first of all. My dad had moved over to the Buick dealership and
I went to work for my dad. He was the body shop foreman and I
went to work in the Buick dealership doing paint and body
work. The Buick dealership supplied us with brown
uniforms. Here it had Hullet Buick, here it had Jerry. I was
Jerry. About six weeks later, I got up one morning for breakfast
and I had on a green uniform. Hardin Lincoln Mercury,
Jerry. I was Jerry. My wife said, “Didn’t you have on
a brown uniform yesterday?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “Well,
what are you doing in that green uniform?” I said, “I quit
yesterday. I now work for Hardin Lincoln
Mercury.” About two months later, I came in with a blue
uniform. Chevyland, Jerry. I was Jerry. She said, “Didn’t you
have on a green uniform yesterday?” I said yes. She
said, “Why do you have on a blue uniform on today?” I said, “I
quit.” If they made me mad, I quit. If they didn’t do me
right, I quit. I just looking for a way to quit all the time.
Quit, quit, quit. That was my lifestyle. And finally when I
surrendered my life to the Lord after Brother Copeland preached
the word of faith to me … the first scripture I ever read,
John says, “If ye continue in my Word, you will be my disciples
indeed, and you’ll know the truth, and the truth will make
you free.” And that little word continue, jumped out of the
Bible into my heart, and the Lord said, “This is the missing
ingredient in your life. You have always been a great
starter, but you’ve never been a great finisher. And if you don’t
develop the art of continuing, you will never be the
minister I want you to be, the husband
I want you to be, the father I want you to be. You
have to settle it once and for all, that quit from this day
forward, is no longer an option in your life. And I think it’s
very interesting that my theme has been for 48 years now, isn’t
that amazing? God would take a quitter and make his theme,
don’t quit? And I’m thrilled to be able to say to you that for
48 years now, quit has never been a part of my life or my
existence, praise God. Amen. And I discovered that if you don’t
quit, praise God, you inherit the blessings. Can you say
Amen? CONGREGATION: Amen. JERRY: Amen. Say this with
me, quitting is no longer an option. CONGREGATION:
Quitting is no longer an option. JERRY: And failure is
unacceptable. CONGREGATION: And failure is unacceptable. JERRY:
Now I learned a long time ago, when you’re under the greatest
pressure to quit, that’s always an indication Satan just fired
his best shot. If this one doesn’t get you, he’s finished
and you win, hallelujah. So if you’re under great pressure to
give up today, then that’s a good indication Satan has just
fired his best shot. You’re almost there. Your breakthrough
is on the horizon. Don’t give up now. Don’t quit now. What you’ve
been believing for is about to come forth and manifest in the
name of Jesus, and I think you ought to give God praise in
advance, hallelujah. Amen. ANNOUNCER: Mark 4:28 says, “For
the Earth bringeth forth fruit of herself. First the blade,
then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.” After the
seed has been planted in faith, what happens next? In the
powerful four-CD teaching, The Law of Progression, Jerry
Savelle outlines the spiritual law of progression and how to
stay strong when you’re not seeing instant or overnight
results. You will learn about how the Word of God is an
incorruptible seed we plant in our hearts, and the cycle of
growth for that seed outlined in Mark chapter four. In his
classic illustration on a seed planted in faith, Jerry Savelle
shares how living a life of faith goes against the world’s
way of life, like paddling upstream in a canoe. Don’t wait
any longer. Call or go online now to
and request the powerful, four-CD teaching, the law
of progression. Get ready to laugh, learn, and live
the blessed way that God has always intended for you
to live. Call today. (Music) MALE: You know, I always
loved going to the Believers Conventions. I’ve
been going to these things since I was about 12-years-old and I’m
about 47. It’s amazing. Also, I love Jerry Savelle, as you see
behind me. What an incredible faithful man. You know the Bible
says, the faithful person shall abound in the blessing. So you
know watching him be so loyal to KCM over the years, it
shows he’s healthy, he’s wealthy, he’s wise. I promise
you the stuff that God has done for Jerry and Creflo and all
these people. He’s not a respecter of persons, he
wants to do it for you. You just got to keep hearing more of
the Word, and coming to these meetings. It makes a big
difference. That’s how our life was changed, and I promise
you, your life will be changed. FEMALE: One thing that sums up
Jerry’s ministry for me, and I love so much about his ministry,
is favor. You know, I see the favor of God is so much upon his
life and pretty much every day I believe God and I claim the
favor of God. But hearing Jerry and seeing the level of favor he
experiences in his life has also made me … created an awareness
and then built up my faith in that area. MALE: The impact
that he’s made on my life is to really stretch my faith,
specifically to believe for favor. And especially, like this
year’s message, the faithful shall flourish and thrive in the
courts of their God. That just, has blessed my life so much and
impacted my life, my ministry and the business that I work at.
So, it’s been an awesome time and I appreciate all that you
guys do. Thank you. MALE: I’ve always enjoyed listening to
brother Jerry. Especially about the favor of God and how it
surrounds us like a shield, and how the blessing of God
is upon our people. That’s just so amazing and it’s
impacted my life so much. JERRY: Wasn’t that a
great testimony? Listen, I want to encourage you
to send us your testimony. If this ministry has helped
you gain a victory, it’s caused you to overcome,
it’s caused you to experience a breakthrough, I want to
hear about it. And from time to time, we’ll have an
opportunity to share them across the broadcast so that other
people can be inspired and dare to stand on the Word and believe
God for their breakthrough as well. Here’s another one from
Carolyn. “I had been sowing into your aviation fund, and
believing God for a car. Praise God, I got it. Thank you so much
for being an inspiration to me.” We rejoice with you Carolyn, and
I thank God that he has come through for you just like he’s
done for me, many, many times. There’s other testimonies but
our time is short today, and I’ll wait and share them on
another broadcast. Let me also remind you, once again, that
our special product offer is entitled, The Law of
Progression. Four CDs. Now I’ve taught this many years ago, but
it’s so relevant for today. And it talks about, not quitting,
not giving up. You know, the Lord gave me an illustration
many years ago about how living by faith is like going upstream
in a canoe. This is one of our most requested series. People
love the canoe story and it’s on this series so I want to
encourage you to place your order right now. We’ll send it
to you just as quickly as possible. Thank you
for joining me today, I look forward to seeing
you again next week. And remember, your faith will
overcome the world. (Music)

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