Don’t Discipline Your Dog This Way | Animal in Crisis EP7

Informant: I went up to the dog cautiously, said “Baby~” and honked… (The photo taken by the informant) Bony body Something is tied up around her mouth PD: What is she tied on with? Informant: I don’t know. It looks like a black plastic bag? It was red under the tied up area. I followed the dog till there. Informant: Oh!? It’s her!! Oh my, it’s her!! The crew follow the dog carefully The dog moves quickly due to weariness.. The dog seemed to be in a severe state So skinny that her bones were seen The mouth is tied up with an unknown black rope.. It looks like the rope dug into her skin.. She can’t walk with her unsteady body But she keeps running away.. She disappears in the end.. (Exploring the area) PD: Have you ever seen her before? I haven’t. The mouth has been tied up.. It’s tied up very tightly.. look at the rope loosened up on the bottom A dog man probably wanted to steal her but tied the mouth because she kept barking They must’ve tied her up because she had an owner. Do abandoned dogs get detained by others? They’ve never seen such a small dog in the neighborhood Yet it’s hard to catch a dog that is very weary Finding the dog again Then! Found her walking on an empty field She suddenly goes inside a bush? We approached her slowly… The dog is searching in the food waste.. However she can’t open her mouth due to the tight rope She tries her best to eat… But she was unable to eat and leaves the bush. She definitely couldn’t drink water How long was she tied up.. However Hey! She turns its head to a voice Come here! The dog doesn’t run Do they know each other..? Or is she being taken care of out of pity..? PD: Ma’am. Do you know this dog? Yes. It walks around here but it’s hard to catch it. Are you the owner? She’s not mine but my aunt brought her from a different place It’s been a week since its been tied up PD: Why did she tie it up? The grandmother just tied it up, don’t put it on air and leave She leaves the area.. We met the grandmother after some persuasion. PD: Why did you tie up the mouth? Owner: I thought she’ll be more obedient that way.. to make her become gentle PD: Does she become gentle? Owner: She listens because she’s scared and you have to raise her by fixing her habits. PD: Did you ever think that she might die? Owner: Why would she die~ I raised many animals before. She won’t die! She tied up the 2 year old because she was being annoying The owner explains that she couldn’t win due to the dog running away PD: That’s abuse Owner: It’s not abuse PD: Don’t you think tying up the mouth is abuse …. We decided to save the dog before it’s too late Before the rescue We explain the owner that this is felony animal cruelty And received a disclaimer about the dog Animal protection group: Even if the abuser is of old age, She acknowledged her actions so we will take action for animal abuse and animal protection The hunt for the dog starts She has collapsed over there.. people are gathered around there, near the pole We received information about the dog lying in a field so we rushed over The place we ran to… The dog is on the ground… Discoverer: The dog was tied up tightly with this Discoverer: I ran over here with my slippers on. The dog collapsed and couldn’t get up We hope it’s not too late.. We arrived at the hospital The scar from the rope more serious than we had thought Vet: This much skin around his mouth has died and the skin near the gums are dead too More than half of her face’s skin tissue has died The nerves have hardened to the extent she can’t open her mouth Vet: If it was tied up with a regular rope, the pressure would remain the same But she was tied up with a thick high-elastic rubber band several times and the pressure increases, leading to skin damage The rubber band with strong elasticity would tighten over time The pain would’ve been hard to be express.. Vet: She currently weighs 2.28kg and she starved over time and was discovered in a state of shock If she stayed like that longer, she could’ve died She waited for her pain to end.. Meanwhile The dog got a thorough check up after gaining more energy Vet: The red parts are abnormalities Vet: Liver index, pancreas, protein index levels are not normal Vet: First off, we have to make her recover from nutrition deficiency, dehydration Even though she has difficulty opening her mouth due to the dried skin.. She became fearful of eating We have to feed her forcefully for her health Vet: This removes the inflammations and destroys the viruses with the help of osmotic pressure. And it helps the empty spaces get filled with granulation tissues A skin graft is not possible due to the large damage area But since she’s still young, she has hope to grow new skin. We hope you can recover soon and stand up..

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