Dogs Visit A Spa For The First Time // Presented By BuzzFeed & Subaru

(mellow instrumental music) – Hi, I’m Brian Kneier. Welcome to Paradise Ranch Spa Resort. My wife, Kristyn Goddard,
is the originator of the cage-free dog boarding concept. And tomorrow’s our anniversary, so happy anniversary, sweetheart. – Hi, I’m Cora, and this is Alice. – My name is Beecher Pope,
and this is my dog, Zuzu. – Hi, my name is Danny,
and this is my puppy, Kai. – What you’re gonna to
today is you’re gonna play in five playgrounds. – Maybe you’ll get your nails done, get your teeth brushed. – You’re gonna get the time
of your life in this spa, little guy. And I hope you enjoy it,
because you deserve it. You’re a great little puppy. (dog licking) Thanks, buddy. – [Voiceover] So our
philosophy is that when owners go on vacation, that their dogs deserve to be on vacation too. They don’t want to be locked up. They want to play with other
dogs and be on vacation. I think a dog paradise
is being in a balanced pack with other dogs. You can actually see them
walking around with smiles on their faces. (waltz instrumental music) – [Voiceover] For me,
he’s the perfect dog. As soon as I met him, it was
like, love at first sight. You know, we just clicked
as soon as I found him. – [Voiceover] It doesn’t feel
like a dog that you have, it feels like you have
another like, brother or sister. – [Voiceover] If I’m having a rough day, she knows it, and she’s there for me with a good snuggle. (dramatic instrumental music) I hope that Alice enjoys
the day at the spa. I think that going and getting a good scrub and soak, and a little pawdicure will definitely make her feel good about herself. She’s a pretty lady. – [Voiceover] The thing
that I love about dogs is that dogs will love their owner, their alpha dog unconditionally. Dogs are the most loving, loyal, people on the planet. (dramatic instrumental music) – [Voiceover] Alice, hi. Did you have a good day? You must be exhausted. Oh my god. Your nails are better than mine do.

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