(“Breeze” by AGST) – Today is one of my favorite
days of the entire year. (“Breeze” by AGST) Flip to the launch here. But, I am, it’s me, it’s me Rocky. You go “yeah dude, a lot
of people like Halloween”. I’m not talking about Halloween. I’m talking about next level. I’ll tell you more, but I gotta grab Kelly and we have to hurry. To the Batcave! (“Breeze” by AGST) I think one of the things I love most about today and this event is the whole community
coming together, right. I look forward to this all year. I know other people in Pasadena look forward to this all year. And it’s crazy the amount
of people that come. I mean even, even, this one comes. – Hey. – Good thing I’m quick like Batman. (“Breeze” by AGST) So yeah, so today is the 12,
I think the 12th annual, 12th? – Something like that. – Yeah, the 12th annual
Growl-O-Ween Parade put on by the Dog Bakery and it’s awesome. Just wait until you see
some of the costumes that, I mean the costumes are pretty awesome. – Yeah they are, especially for dogs. – Yeah and it’s funny
because you can tell like, you can tell the dogs that love it you can tell the dogs that are just like “just get this over with”, but we all have a lot of fun with it. – Yeah, well the dogs get a
lot of treats so it’s worth it. – Yeah, I agree. Oh you guys are already
showing up and ready, huh. What’s going on? – Not much, what’s up? – The whole car and the set up, this is going to be a good one. But I’ve been informed that
before we have any parade, someone needs coffee. – And maybe a chocolate croissant. – The parade cannot go on
until these things happen. – Yeah I’m the grand Marshall, so. Hi. (“Breeze” by AGST) – Hands down this place has the best chocolate croissants ever, I mean I’ve even traveled to Italy and this place still has
better chocolate croissants. It’s true. – We didn’t eat that many
chocolate croissants in Italy. – There you go then. See, chocolate is spread out perfect. (slow atmospheric music) So we’re getting ready
for the parade right now, everyone’s entering the raffle and then we’re gonna walk around and there will be contests, so, we’re getting this parade started. Buddy? – Yes. – [Rocky] Hi, I love it, wait what were you guys last year? – 50’s diner. – That’s right, that’s right, yeah. Okay you’re bringing a new game this year. – I asked Ry who his favorite
dog was, I meant here, and he said EG, which is his dog, that makes a lot of sense, right? Alright, high five. (smacks) Boom. (light spooky music) Look, who’s this? – [Mother] What’s this who is this? – That’s the beast. – [Rocky] Yeah. Hey, look, I’m Batman today, too. Hi Batman. Are we going to need to separate you guys, because we have two
blockbusters colliding, here. So tell me about your guy’s outfit. – Oh this is, Todd. He’s our little dinosaur,
we’re dinosaur experts. – Okay they’re looping
the block right now. Half the parade got
caught with the stoplight, and so now they’re
waiting on the other half, but this is by far the
best parade you’ll ever see in your entire life. (electro swing music) – Every morning we walk to the bakery to buy cookies and then
we go to Intelligentsia to have a coffee. So he thought this is what was happening. We put a costume on him, he was mad. – [Rocky] Sherlock, you got tricked, man. You got tricked. (electro swing music) Did you ever think you’d
see a parade like this? – No, never, I love it. – [Rocky] Coming into work today. (electro swing music) Now, Einstein has a show
he’d like to show us, right? – Yes. (sprays) – [Rocky] Yeah! Alright, let’s give it up for Einstein. (crowd cheering) What’s your dog’s name? – Uh, Akria. – [Rocky] Akira, and what
are you guys dressed as? – Obi Wan Kenobi and Han Solo. – [Woman] South Pasadena. – [Rocky] You guys could
team up and fight crime, huh. – [Jewel’s Owner] Jewel, she’s a witch. – [Rocky] Hi Jewel. – [Jewel’s Owner] We
got her hair did for it. – [Rocky] You can tell. Girl, you look good. (electro swing music) – So our boy winner is Obi Wan Kenobi. (crowd cheering) And then our girl winner is the IT dog. – [Champ’s Owner] Champ. – [Rocky] Okay, what’s Champ? – [Champ’s Owner] And he’s the Joker. – [Rocky] The Joker, okay
well this is a problem because I’m Batman today, so. You guys are my idols. Let me get, actually. Okay, that’s it, that’s Growl-O-Ween 2017. (record scratching) – Are you recording? – [Rocky] I’m recording, what’s up. – Oh um I have some bad news. – [Rocky] What’s up? – As amazing as that event was, how would you like to
stay here indefinitely? I dropped the key fob down the drain. – [Rocky] To the car? – Yeah. – [Rocky] What drain? – Uh, the drain that we’re parked next to. We can call these people and see what they can do to help. – [Rocky] Are you serious? – Yeah, I’m dead serious, I’m sorry. Hey, I’m a winner, right here. – That’s my girl. I will say, before we go work on that, the parade was unbelievable. It was awesome, huh? God, I live my life for dog parades. What did you think of that parade? – Good. – [Rocky] Was that the best
parade you’ve ever been in? – Yeah. – [Rocky] What do you think
you’re gonna do for next year? You think you’re gonna dress up? – Yeah. – [Rocky] What would you dress up as? – Batman! – [Rocky] Oh, rock on. Boom. Alright let’s go. – Okay, we need like ten minutes. The yellow ambassadors are
going to meet us over there and they have some stuff that might be able to reach down there. – [Rocky] I have something that might be able to reach down there. – What? Me? – [Rocky] Yeah. – I am not that skinny to fit. I think Ry will fit better than I will. – [Rocky] You want to put a little kid down the gutter to get a key? – Think about all the
cool stuff down there. There’s candy. – [Rocky] Kelly, no. Bye. – [Women Collectively] Bye. – [Rocky] Uh-oh, oh. Wonderful. We may or may not be back depending on if she can fit in the gutter. – Ry you want to come home with us? – [Rocky] No. You can’t put the kid in the gutter. (whistling) – [Woman With Camera] Hey, over here. – [Rocky] Good picture. I don’t see a gutter. – [Kelly] It fell down right there. – [Rocky] Oh it’s in… – [Kelly] So if you look… – [Rocky] Oh so we can’t move the car. – But you could move that thing maybe. – [Rocky] It’s bolted in. See, that’s got bolts. (beat music) – Hi I just called about the key fob that went down the drain. (beat music) – We can’t see the key, but
we know it’s in the gutter. And I think if we can
get the city to come out and unscrew the actual sewer lid. Well we tried everything, I tried extending my arm, crawling under the car. And we’re like, we tried the magnet, but it’s not metal enough. We’re like a foot short. So we’re going to go to the hardware store and see if we can find
a longer grabber stick. (sirens) – Is this your car? – Yeah. I know, and it’s just far enough away. (beat music) Oh yeah! You rock, and you rock, and you rock. Do any of you guys have any dogs? You have a dog? Will you wait like five minutes, I’ll run to my store and
grab you some dog treats. We bake them at the store. – [Firefighter] We
normally don’t go this way. – [Kelly] Really? – We were just talking,
we took a horrible route. – You talking about putting kids and dogs down there again? – [Firefighter] Thanks, guys. – [Rocky] Thank you. – [Officer] No problem. – You guys have a good Saturday. – [Rocky] We will now, thank you. – [Kelly] Thank you so
much, thank you so much. – Alright see you guys. Wait it’s the wrong key. No, I’m kidding. (techno music) You. You are lucky. By the way, can I just say huge props to the
Pasadena fire department. I mean they just, they just
happen to be driving by that way, right? – Yeah, and I think you like
waved them down, they stopped. – Yeah, no problem, they
weren’t put off at all. Really nice guys. – Well they weren’t going to a fire, so. Otherwise we would’ve been out of luck. Obviously that would’ve
been much more important than our key fob. – Yeah, we would’ve understood. – Yeah. – Those guys are amazing. Firefighters are just amazing period. All the dedication, and you’re awesome. If you guys are watching this, thank you so much, you rock, thanks for always putting it on the line, even when it comes to getting a key that your wife drops in a gutter. – Or a mysterious puppy that disappeared. – What? – I mean it came back, I don’t know. – What is with you trying to put kids and puppies down the drain? Okay, hey, make sure you subscribe, smash that like button, and comment down below. A big thank you to
firefighters everywhere. – We’ll see you tomorrow. – See you tomorrow. (techno music)

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