Dog’s Reaction To Seeing Her Mom After 10-Month Deployment Is The BEST | The Dodo Reunited Season 2

I served in the Army Reserves as an occupational therapy assistant for 13 years. In February of 2018, I received orders to
deploy to Kuwait. I was excited about deployment, but finding housing
and someone to provide loving, caring comfort to Sammi was a major source of stress
and anxiety for me. Sammi is my best friend
of ten years. I got her when she
was a puppy, and she’s super-sweet. She knows I’m her person. She actually helps me cope
with loneliness a lot. Sammi offers unconditional
love and comfort. As soon as I got the orders, that’s when it was time to reach out to someone
to find care for Sammi. And I found PACT, and PACT found a family for me. – PACT helps find temporary
foster homes for the pets of military members
who are deployed. My Mom sent me Sammi’s photo, and I took one look at the photo and said, “I definitely
want to do this.” – I took Sammi to a meet and greet to make sure it was a good fit. I didn’t even have to
put a leash on her. She made herself
right at home. They have two beautiful children who she fell in love with. She was happy tearing around in the back yard and playing. – Sammi, it’s photo time. – She’s like, “No, it’s exploring time.” I spent a moment there
alone with her, telling her that I’m gonna come back, and that, you know, this family
is gonna take care of her and love her. I told Anna that her birthday
was on May the fourth. And it was gonna be
her tenth birthday, so I wanted them to
do something special. When I had to leave I wanted to tell her, “Everything will be okay.
I’ll be home soon.” I really wanted her
to understand. The first night that Sammi was here was the worst. She was so upset. Practically inconsolable. I was really scared. And then over the first three days, you know, slowly but surely, she calmed down. She started
to play a little bit more. And then the third night she was sleeping in our bed or with the kids. And that’s how it was for
the rest of our stay with her. After the first few days
and weeks of her being here, I started noticing Sammi’s
personality really come out more and more. Today, I would describe
Sammi’s personality as bubbly, happy, and loyal. – Except for a spider, who gave them a scare. Sammi has some favorite toys. She especially loves pool toys that the kids throw in the pool. She’s always ready to steal those and run away with them. Anna would send me Instagram clips several times while I was in Kuwait. I felt really happy that
Sammi was being cared for and loved and taken care of the way I would take care of her. For Sammi’s tenth birthday, Anna sent me a video clip. – Happy birthday to you. – And I made all my friends
celebrate her birthday. – Happy birthday, Sammi! Mommy loves you. Mwah! – The moment I heard Melissa
was coming home, I felt excitement for Melissa, but it was also bittersweet. You’ve been a good girl. It’s been challenging to not
have Sammi with me. You’re coming home
tomorrow, baby. – Today is the big day. Melissa is coming to get Sammi after being separated
for ten months. The last couple days I’ve
been feeling excited, nervous, and sad. I usually try to focus on what it must be feeling like
for Melissa. Sammi, Mommy is
so excited to see you. So I think Melissa’s about 15,
20 minutes away. We’re gonna say goodbye and
let them start the next part of their journey together. I’m sure she’ll recognize me. It might take a minute or two. – Hi! It’s good to see you.
– So good to see you too. Welcome home! Sammi! Oh my goodness! Aw, how’s my baby girl? I missed you so much. I don’t think she could believe it! How are you doing? Aw! What is it? I missed you so much. Aw, I missed you. I’m very happy right now. I — I’m with my best friend. I think she’s happy, too. Aw. They took good care of you,
Sammi, didn’t they? – This is the best way to say
goodbye to a dog that’s been in your house
for a long time. Is knowing she’s going back to the arms of someone she loves,
who loves her. I’m confident that we will
stay in touch with Sammi and Melissa. We’re signing up now. Any time Sammi needs a caregiver again, we’re first on the list. – Bye, Sammi.
– Bye, Sammi! – Think she’s happy?
– So happy. Scoot over, baby. I just can’t wait
to bring her home.

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