Argentine bulldog and rottweiler, are two
molosos bulldog type breeds with great features, that make them stand out against other
Similar races. For its part, the Dogo Argentino It was developed for hunting prey
large, such as wild boars. it’s a dog very agile, strong and has great capacity
of combat. The rottweiler, meanwhile, was He raised primarily for the custody and protection
herds. It stands out as a heavyset race, strong, very strong, with a bite very
powerful. On this occasion, we present a very short historical review and some features
important of these two powerful breeds, so that your you decide who wins in a showdown
hypothetical. Argentine Dogo. Standard FCI 292.
Classification. Molosoides. Bulldog type. UTILIZATION: Dog for hunting. HISTORY. This breed is originally from the Republic
Argentina. Its creator was Dr. Antonio Nores Martínez. His work was crossbreeding
Methodical Old Fighting Dog of Cordoba, this issue of great power and strength,
product mixture, which is then It made from copies of the races Bull-Dog
and Bull-Terrier. After an intense and thorough character study and selection, in several
generations, achieves its objective, forming family, always starting from that
Old Fighting Dog of Cordoba. In the year 1947 race was already created and stabilized
geno and phenotypically; therefore, the same year presented in the Club
Hunters of the City of Buenos Aires the breed standard. It is an athletic dog, meso morpho, normo type,
harmonic proportions. Powerful musculature, it is agile, its appearance gives the feeling
power, energy and strength, contrasting his expression of friendship and gentleness.
Entirely white, you can have one dark spot on his skull. Must be silent, never barking on
trail, good smell, vent, agile, strong, rustic and above all things
brave. Should never be aggressive with human beings will severely feature
observed. It must be delivered to his master unconditionally or reservations. SIZE AND WEIGHT:
Withers: Males: 60 to 68 cm. females: 60 to 65cm.
Weight: Approx: Males: 40 to 45 kg. females: 40 to 43 kg. Rottweiler. Standard FCI 147.
Classification. Molossoid, Dogue type. UTILIZATION: Utility, service
and company. HISTORY: The Rottweiler is one of the races
Older. Its origin dates from the times of the Romans.
In that he was then possessed as a dog protection driving dogs. These
dogs were moving with the Romans more Beyond the Alpine regions, where they protected
people and driving cattle. In the region Rottweil, these dogs crossed
with native dogs, which emerged a mix. Thereafter, the task
Rottweiler principal was to care for and lead gained more and defend his master
and possessions. Your name “butcher dog of Rotweil “I got the old city
Rottweil imperial. Rottweiler breeding, aspires to a race
strong, very strong, black, with reddish-brown markings clearly defined, which
despite its totally energetic appearance, no less noble it is very appropriate
as a service dog, and utility company. The Rottweiler is a medium sized dog
a large, robust, nor coarse nor light, nor fragile, nor too high limbs.
Its strong, compact and shapely figure to the conclusion that it is a very powerful dog,
agile and resilient. With friendly and peaceful tendency, kind
with children, it is a very affectionate dog, obedient, docile and willingly
to work. His appearance betrays robustness original. Confident, nothing nervous
nor scary. Reacts to its environment great attention. SIZE AND WEIGHT:
Withers: Males: 61 to 68 cm. females: 56 to 63cm.
Weight: Approximately 42 kg

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