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(bright, cheery music) – As soon as he left, I was
just thinking about homecoming, and it was so surreal that it
was finally, finally, finally that day after six months. (bright, cheery music) – We primarily used video
chatting to communicate every day. You know, I was very fortunate
enough to be able to be in a spot where I could
talk to her every day and see what was going
on and getting updates and not missing big milestones, like my daughter’s second birthday. (bright, cheery music) When I got off the plane,
you know, my eyes were glued at the crowd that was awaiting
us, to receive us back there. I was scanning left and right
and when I finally was able to see the sign that they had made us that was based off of, my daughter, at the time, her
favorite movie was “Moana.” So, they had made a sign that
said, “Make way, make way. “My daddy’s coming home today.” – [Shannon] Go get Daddy! – [Vivian] Dad! (bright cheery music) (music drowns out conversation) – Oh, Bowzer, he’s been with
us for almost five years now. He’s our first baby. So, he actually took the
deployment the hardest actually
– [Anthony] Yeah – [Shannon] out of, like, everybody. He was so sad when Anthony left. (bright cheery music) (dog barks) – [Shannon] She kind of didn’t
know that if he was real at first, so she was kind
of feeling his face, like, – [Anthony] (laughs) Oh, that’s. – [Shannon] “You don’t
live in the phone anymore?” – [Anthony] Yeah, I was so
happy to finally be home and to be in the arms of my loved ones. It was a very special time. (bright, cheery music)

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