Dog Vomiting – What Did My Dog Eat?

Unfortunately it can vary and anything
can cause dogs to vomit. Whether it
is the ingestion of foreign things they’re not supposed to eat or whether it is
inflammation in their intestinal tract to more severe things. For toxic vomiting
cases essentially what we’ll do is depending on what the substance was that
they ate sometimes we can actually make them vomit because you want it out of
their system. Depending on what that
substance is though there are some substances that it’s not good for them
to bring back up and so we will then give them a medication – activated
charcoal which actually helps to absorb some of that toxic material as they
evacuate their system. But even when
animals eat again non-toxic things string clothing underwear those sorts of
things, the challenge with those things is they
can get stuck within the intestinal tract then they can cause more problems. They can cause perforations or actually
holes to happen within the intestinal tract and that’s a much bigger deal from
a surgery standpoint, from a recovery standpoint for something like that
versus potentially just going in with endoscopy and pulling it out directly. So
again don’t wait on these things if you have a concern or thought that hey I’m not
quite sure – seek veterinary attention. Again better to address this sooner
than later.

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