Dog Training Tips : Labrador Breeds

So I was just asked about the different kind
of breeds of Labrador. In opinion, I’m a little biased. The yellow labs tend to be a bit bonkers.
I love yellow labs. Possum even lived with a yellow lab for many years back in Texas.
We both agree that they’re bonkers. They’re just a little bit more high-strung. They don’t
pay attention as well, and quite honestly, people don’t use them to hunt very much. I
don’t know if it’s been bred out of them or what. Chocolate labs are kind of a step closer
to the devotion that a black lab has. Chocolate labs are also a little bit high-strung and
a little bit hard to help them focus. Black labs on the other hand, are completely devoted
to family. It’s interesting. She’s very protective of my girlfriend Amy, who she loves very much.
See watch this. Possum, where’s mama? Where’s mama? Go get mama. Go get mama. Where is she?
I don’t know. Where’s mama? When she hears mama she gets excited. It’s cute. Possum come.
The black lab just tends to be a lot more devoted. They tend to be a lot more focused
on what their master wants. Though all labs love to get into the trash, all of them. I
don’t know if all dogs are like that, but Possum, that’s why she was named Possum because
she actually has been getting into the trash she was a baby. She stopped it ever since,
but I have a feeling that my girl cleans up after her when I get home. It’s a trick that
she just can’t learn; don’t get in the trash. We’ll take her inside and see if she’ll in
the trash for us, but I don’t think she will. Will you get in the trash boo boo? Let’s go
get in the trash.

22 thoughts on “Dog Training Tips : Labrador Breeds

  • this guy knows nothing about Labradors this is misinformantion ….people don;t hunt with yellow Labradors?? look in the Trial news dude its full of FC/AFC yellow dogs

  • Dear Possum,
    I am so sorry you have to put up with such a misinformed clueless owner. Maybe you can help him Google some ACCURATE information on Labrador Retrievers as he seems to just want to hear the sound of his own voice and see his mug on YouTube. Maybe then he will at least be posting correct information regarding your breed. Hang in there sister! You are truly Man's Best friend to put up with this goofball!

  • Wow, stupidity knows no limits! Hey pea brain! I lived with someone like you. Guess what? I TOSSED HIM OUT! You're too full of yourself and have proven you know absolutely ZERO about the breed!

  • Where's mama? Oh please. If he had said "Where's the nuclear bomb" in that same tone, the dog would have gotten just as excited. I'd like to see the data he used to draw his totally moronic conclusions about different color labs.

  • Oh my goodness! Could you be any more misinformed? I think your yellow Lab have been more "bonkers" because you clearly have no clue about the breed? Yes, there is only one breed of Labs. Different colors don't = different breeds. You sir are an idiot.

  • one breed three colors. The yellow lab is the same as the black lab and is the same as the chocolate lab which is just like the yellow lab. Each dog has a different personality.
    This guy is in no way an expert.

  • Color has absolutely NOTHING to do with the temperament of your Lab…if you're dog is high strung it probably means it isn't getting it's required amount of daily exercise in most circumstances. No such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner…

  • dude u should be embarassed to put this up, its like me saying that white people are alot more calm than latinos. it doesnt make a difference, colour is skin deep for humans and dogs.

  • OMG what he says is totally truue in my opinion i have a black lab and she acts exactly what he said about black ones and my yellow lab acts like what he said about yellow ones. haha

  • Okay hes a moron. Labradors dont have different personalities based on thier colors. Yes, labs have variance on personalities and isn't a breed you can put in one catagory, but it isnt based on thier colors. I have a black lab who is bonkers. I know a yellow lab who is calm. ANd I know a chocolate lab who is even calmer. Hes a moron.

  • I agree with almost everyone else that has posted to this video saying that this is complete nonsense! Color has nothing to do with how your lab acts. Do your research "Expert" Village before you post something that discredits what your channel is all about. ——sincerely….A PROUD AKC show owner of my beautiful Chocolate Meridiem Labrador.

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