Dog Training : How to Stop Your Dog From Marking Indoors

To teach your dog not to mark indoors it is
again a good idea to understand why dogs mark, they mark to determine territory. So if it’s
a possibility to neuter your dog at an age before they begin to mark, that’s not a bad
idea. If your dog is already marking, this is a reinforcing, self-reinforcing behavior.
So it can be difficult to teach your dog to stop doing it. If you are able to catch them
you can redirect them, you can watch for them to do some sniffing behaviors, the things
that proceed them lifting their leg to mark. Then you can also there are some great tools
you have at your disposal, one of them is a belly band. It’s just a piece of fabric
that is sometimes gathered, sometimes not, has a place for you to place a regular sanitary
pad that’s disposable, and then Lady, come here. You just place this around your male
dog’s midsection, and Velcro it on, capturing the penis within the fabric and over the sanitary
pad. So that now if your dog does choose to mark it’s going to be confined to that pad
which can then be thrown away. Remembering to check and change this on a regular basis,
so that – urine can be very caustic – so that there’s no burning of the penis or irritation
from the fabric. You also can place things on areas that your dog chooses to mark. Sometimes
placing aluminum foil or something around a leg, a fabric leg of a chair where they
– where a dog typically marks – will cause the urine to splash back on, and which isn’t
the dog’s intent, and that will sometimes help stop them marking inside as well.

30 thoughts on “Dog Training : How to Stop Your Dog From Marking Indoors

  • Dog would never wear the man-panty…would chew it off. I never see him marking, so cannot correct the behavior. I only find the evidence. Rx sedative did not work. Staying outdoors is not an option in Texas' hot summers. Serious problem.

  • Well this is the most ridiculous advice of them all. Now someone's advising me to buy pads for my dog? Then I'll have to worry about cleaning pee off of my animal, instead of the floor! Wow! Now "THAT'S A SOLUTION". …….nah! just sarcasm! sorry this advice suuuuuuuuuuuucks!

  • My little shih tzu dog sara tells me when my male shih tzu cross, Buddy marks, shes my little tattle tail,  she came downstairs to tell me tonight right after he did it  and i went up to see what was the trouble and smelled it befor I saw it  he did it once  at the top of the stairs and twice, at the table leg i have put papers on those places, as thats where he has done it befor, 

    He was a breeder up till last year when I got my shih tzu female spayed and hes  doing it more now because he all out of wack because he didn't get to mate this year sara had 3 litters so Buddy was able to breed  the first,  time he was ready then I made him wait till the next year as sara went in heat 6 months after she had her first litter, i wanted to wait as it was too soon after the first time, but then she only went in heat once a year  so after that he was alowed to mate every time she came heat.  

    so after 3 litters I got her fixed,  and now hes all out  of sorts, and not understanding whats happening.    i've noticed he is marking more often then when he was breeding with her he would mark a little then stop ,
    but this year he hasn't stopped and so as least I know where he goes and I've checked all over,  and theres 3 places in the house he marks, they are all covered with puppy pads,
    oh well hes a good little dog and has a lovely personality, and I have sara who tells me when he goes,  she gets quit disturbed when he does it,  today she stood over the spot and looked at it  and I changed the papers and she still stood looking at the spot till I gave her a hug,  and told her what a good dog she was,
    I think she was waiting for a treat, she kept standing there even after I gave her a hug,  so I hugged her again and she still stood there   i hugged her once more then played with her for a while ,  what a charactor,  
     LOL  love my dogs they have so much personality.   

  • I've used a wrap for mine and it works,  I have one just like hers and its a smaller one for a little shih tzu he doesn't go,  in it when he was younger he did,  a few times but soon stopped  it isn't so tight that it touches him so I didn't have to clean him too much i would take it off when I went out and out him in his indoor kennel so he was able to clean himself .
    and walking is very good to do he doesn't have such a problem with this when hes had a good walk.  just going out to the back yard isn't going to be enough for most male dogs they always have pee saved up in antisipation of a walk.  

  • Wtf "how to tech a dog not to mark" puts a fucking diaper on it why is this the 1st video that comes up? Now I just have a wet dog I have to change I bought these stupid things they do not help my dog has figured out if he pees enough it will drip out

  • marking shows a weak owner. the dog is taking your territory to gain security. i suggest you act as pack leader or get a goldfish

  • If the dog over 10 month and still peeing in the house I will put him for adoption because he will be hosing down not peeing. So its me or the dog

  • My dog only marks in places like PetSmart or highly populated dog areas because he smells so much dog. I’ve tried making him go before he goes in but he somehow can still go when he just went outside. I have no idea what to do I try to correct him when he starts sniffing and make him sit still but the second he gets up he will go over and mark. SOMEONE HELP ME

  • interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover how to stop a tom cat from spraying try Kiamiin Meow Genie (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

  • Hey guys.
    ACTUAL fix for in the house marking:
    Yes, it's correct to say "no", and check them…then close off rooms if possible, (clean pissy stuff with enzyme/vinegar and/or remove object from house and clean the surrounding area)
    There's hopefully just a few favorite piss spots available, put dog food and water bowls ON those piss areas.
    "Gross", you say?
    The dog will feel the same and will NOT piss on the food or water.
    Stay alert and give praise, treats and extra outdoor time.

    My bastid jack russel mix (still a puppy) had pissed on everything when I left the house.
    I HATE crates, but it would've saved me a lot of cleaning if i had crate trained.
    Since i blocked the piss spots he DID FIND another spot but i immediately did a clean and put water there and we're doing MUCH BETTER now.
    Unless I fuckup and forget to block, he does great!

    Good luck, everyone.
    I know how stressful it is!

  • were dog sitting for my in laws, the dog was only in the house five minutes and pissed on my fishtank and I was and still am beyond livid. we have him for two weeks. have a kennel but he screams the whole time hes in the kennel. advice please?

  • How to sensibly buy LEGAL and best quality cbd products for my dog? I've heard how CBD dog treats could benefit your dog; reduce seizures, anxiety, pain etc.

  • My shih tzu starts peeing in bed after neutering 🙁 not once he did pee before in our bed.. so frustrated because even right after i bring him outside he still pee in bed 🙁

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