Dog Training : How to Stop a Dog From Urinating on Outdoor Furniture

To stop a dog from marking on outdoor furniture,
this would be a male dog obviously and marking is a behavior that male dogs typically do
to show that this is their territory. So this is a somewhat difficult thing to teach your
dog not to do. Possibly one of the best ways to do it is to spay or neuter early before
your dog’s starts marking behavior. And then manage the behavior if you have something
that hasn’t been peed on before, that would be an ideal because there would be no reason
necessarily for them to mark it. Again, if it has been marked by that dog or another
dog, you might also try one of the enzimatic cleaners to get the smell off remembering
that it’s nearly impossible to do so. The probably the best way is just to manage the
behavior to mark off that area keep your dog from having access to that area. Also making
sure to have ample opportunity to go to the bathroom somewhere else. And if you see your
dog begin to sniff at something like they’re going to mark it, and dogs give very clear
signals that they’re about to do so, then you can just remind them no, off, or call
them to you, redirect the behavior.

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