Dog Training, Feeding & Care : How to Muzzle a Dog

Okay, let’s talk about how to muzzle a dog.
Now, some dogs will start to associate their muzzle coming out with the time that they
can run around. So, as you can see just me holding it here has her attention, and she’s
clearly getting a little bit excited. You really want to try to use a muzzle that’s
not going to hurt the nose at all, because a lot of muzzles will sit in a way that will
hurt the dog’s nose, and it can start scraping it up. You also want one that’s not going
to block their breathin, breathing or their ability to open up their mouth. Okay, so the
first few times you put the muzzle on you might actually need to put a dog treat in
it just so when you come to them with the muzzle they don’t get scared, and maybe they
even let you put it on. Now, this dog has, is used to this muzzle, so we’re just going
to come at it just so she can see it, put it on, and she shouldn’t complain too much.
And then, we’ll put the main strap on and pass it through. Next, we’ll adjust the side
strap, and you really want to take as little time as possible to do this so the dog doesn’t
get bored. And adjust the side strap on the other side. And you should be all set.

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