Dog Taste Test: Raw or Cooked Beef? (Husky & Rough Collie)

Hey guys, welcome back to our channel,
Our Fuzzy Pals. Have you ever wondered
what type of meat your dogs prefer: will they prefer raw meat or cooked meat? Well, today we’re gonna find out with our
two fuzzy pals here – Jasper the rough collie and Harry the Siberian husky. We’re gonna feed them two different types
of beef: one plate of cooked beef and one plate of raw beef, and we’re
gonna see which one they prefer. We spent some time making the meat, and they
probably smell it, so I kinda have a guess which one they’ll go to first. If you wanna see more clips of Harry and Jasper
trying different foods, click here, and if you wanna hear
a big burp from Jasper, click here. And be sure to subscribe to our channel,
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and see you next time! Bye!

2 thoughts on “Dog Taste Test: Raw or Cooked Beef? (Husky & Rough Collie)

  • I think that if the "hoomans" had not invented how to cook on fire then likely the dogs would have been the next ones to do so. Tasty!

  • Here's another taste test video with Harry and Jasper trying 14 different foods, including veggies!

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