Dog shelter Ciobanovca | Moldova

I´m Yessi, I´m 18 Jears old Currently I´m doing EVS in Moldova in the dog shelter Island of hope I have been here for one and a half months and I am gonna be here until June I have three cats and… I always wanted a dog, but our apartment was to small and I didn´t have the time
so… now I am glad that I am able to work with dogs I usually go to Chisinau a lot to spend time with other volunteers and like… see somthing from the city and stuff I didn´t choose the contry I chose my project because I wanted to do something and like I wanted to work with animals and… this dog shelter and another one where the only ones I could find from EVS and… I applied for both and then this one decided to take me And then I came here and I… I didn´t even know Moldova was a country but… Now I´m glad I´m here For me it´s realy important to just like volunteer here and to help the dogs because they depend on other humans My day basicly starts with patting dogs and then I clean the cages with one of the other workers After that we have a break Then I clean the food dishes from all the dogs And after that I… take dogs out for walk, pat them brush them… And I try to walk every dog like 20 minutes but like some dogs they don´t wanna walk that much they just like wanna do their buisnes and go back to their place If they live on the street it´s like I dont know I think some of them wouldn´t be able to survive in winter because they are like blind or they only have three legs and stuff, they like depend on like help from other humans More people in Moldova should care more about street dogs just treat them better like when you see them on the street just like give them food or something just to like help them The village is really small no one speeks English there are mostly like kids and older people Well I don´t really know annyone in the village jet but I think thats also like conected to not beeing able to speek Russian so… I´m not ready to solve that jet The first week It was kinda difficult because I didn´t know what like I was excactly supposed to do and what not but now I know what my tasks are and when the other workers want me to do something they just like try to show me and try to explain me so… Now it´s working but sometimes it´s still difficult… Me and Alexis an other volunteer who works at an other dog shelter We are doing our personal EVS project together and we want to start more fundraising for the shelters because they don´t get support from the goverment they´re all run on like my shelter is only runned on donations so like they depend on donations and… we wanna work on found raising and like raise awareness in Moldova about street dogs. And also my shelter they… the property they´re living on it´s not they´re own they´re rented it from another dog shelter so right now they´re… they have a go found me page and they´re trying to raise money so that they can buy they´re own land I also wanna start foundraising for that because they where asked to leave three years ago so… like time is running out and yea… They´re all just so cute they all just want to be pet and they love everyone None of them are agressive even tho most of them have been abused by humans. They all deserve love and a Foreverhome.

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