Dog Rescue SURPRISED everything they need: Amazing Funny Reaction aww

(upbeat music) – [Rocky] Okay, alright
everyone, here’s the plan. Heather’s gonna go get Zach,
and so you guys all wanna come over here, and
then when Zach comes in we’ll surprise him. – It’s recording? You’re sure? – [Woman] Yes. – And audio levels are goin’? – [Woman] Yes. – [Rocky] Okay, we’re ready. (cheering) – Here’s the plan for today. We’re surprising a shelter
with their entire wishlist. Shelters can have their
wishlists on Amazon, and you can go buy them things,
so what we’re doing today, is we bought everything on that wishlist, and we’re just gonna show
up and surprise them. – [Rocky] Are you ready for this or what? – So ready. – [Rocky] Are you as ready as I am? – I still have half my coffee, but I will be shortly, promise. – [Rocky] Okay, will you
roll down that back window? I wanna show everyone. So
we were up late last night, packing and repacking and trying
to fit everything in here, and look, this thing is packed. How do you think this is gonna go? – It’s gonna be amazing. – [Rocky] Yeah. Alright,
let’s hit the road. – Alright. – Yeah, just think about it
for a minute, you’re a shelter, you have a whole list
of things that you need, then to just have the whole
community to come together to just get you everything on that list, versus just 1 or 2 items. 2 things before I finish
filling up with gas, and jump in the car: 1: I can’t wait to see
the shelter’s reaction, I think it’s gonna be (angel singing) 2: What shelter do you think
it’s gonna be? I dunno. Can’t wait for you to find out. (upbeat music) I just want to give
you a tiny little hint, as we’re driving along. Just a small hint. Okay, that’s all you
get. Back on the road. (upbeat music) We’re in Tehachapi, California,
and I can’t hide it anymore. I have to tell you who the shelter is. Marley’s Mutts! We did
a lot of work with them, and I think they’re really
deserving, every shelter is deserving, but these guys just moved to a new rescue ranch, and I
know budget’s tight right now, and so I thought this
would be a lot of fun. I’ve been coordinating,
hopefully we’ll have everything set up, and boom. Big surprise. (upbeat music) Okay, we’re rounding the bend
now, and we’re pulling up. [Rocky] Okay, we’re here.
What’s up, Titan? Hi. (guitar music) Okay, so we’re getting everything
unloaded, we’re bringing it in, we’re trying to
hurry before Zach gets back from his errands. His
wife Heather sent him out. Hopefully we can get all this put. (fast music) – Yeah, there should be 2
small, 2 medium, and 2 large. (fast music) Okay, what I love about
the Amazon wishlist is, it has things like this sprayer
that you would never know that a shelter would need, so, it’s one of the best ways to help. (techno music) [Rocky] This is Titan,
and Titan’s got some burns on his face, but he’s healing
up, and he’s out here helping. He’s trying out all the beds
before we get ’em set up, just to make sure they work right. How’s it going over there,
you getting it set up alright? – It’s going pretty good. – [Rocky] Peggy’s killin
you over there, and.. Well, but you have Titan
helping you out over here. – I sure do. He’s being a good boy. – [Rocky] Titan’s trying
all of the beds out. (laughs) – [Rocky] Okay, and this
is Noel, and she’s trying to help out, too. She’s
trying to get some balance, but she’s learning.
She’s a recent amputee, and so she’s still getting her legs. Maybe that’s the wrong term to use. – Her sea legs. – [Rocky] Her sea legs,
but yeah Noel’s got her own little sweater
stitched up for her. She’s doing good. She likes
to hang out with mom, though. But Noel is up for adoption, so make sure, if you want a dog like Noel
that has an amazing spirit, – And she’s also getting
wheels. Front wheels, so that she’s not stressing her back end like this all the time. – [Rocky] Oh, good. So let’s
spread the word. Make sure you share this, and if you want
to adopt Noel, make sure you get a hold of Marley’s Mutts ASAP. (laughs) – [Rocky] Okay, that’s where
her leg was, right there, and that’s where her other
leg was, but she’s doing good. – [Woman] So cute. Such a sweetheart. – [Rocky] You guys aren’t done yet? – See, what happened was,
you guys started before us. (laughs) – [Rocky] Okay, well, we’re
done over here, and look, we even got our tester.
Oh, man. I think these are a hit already. He loves it. Alright. It’s a hit. It’s a hit, huh, bud? Little tail waggin back there. (techno music) – [Rocky] Okay, so we’re
almost set up, we’re gonna put everything on the table now that we got these beds put together. And these beds are awesome
because they’re heavy-duty, and the dogs can’t chew through ’em. They’re perfect for a shelter,
so what. We’ll put some bows on there, and hurry up and get this done before Zach gets here? – Yeah, let’s do it. – [Rocky] Okay, and you’re
on puppy duty. Let’s see. – I took a break. – [Rocky] Oh my goodness. (laughs) (guitar music) – Okay, so we’re doing finishing touches, putting some of these bows
on, and Zach just called and he’s close. – Yeah, he’s on his way back. – Okay, so, guys, this is
gonna be…What do you think he’ll do? I hope he cries. – Oh, he probably will. He’s such a sap. (laughs) – No, but I think… hopefully
he’ll be excited, ’cause… – No, this is so amazing.
We’re so grateful. So I’m sure he’s just gonna cry. – I think when he finds
out, too, that everyone was a part of this, and everyone donated, it’s gonna be really good. Okay. We’ll get the rest of these bows on,
and next step we’ll find out if Zach’s here. (guitar music) – [Rocky] Okay. Alright,
everyone, here’s the plan. Heather’s gonna go get Zach,
and so, do you guys all wanna come over here? And
then when Zach comes in, we’ll surprise him. Yeah, so everyone come
over here. Behind the wall, so he can’t see you. ‘Cause
he’s gonna come through that door right there. – It’s recording? You’re sure? – [Woman] Yes. – And audio levels are goin’? – [Woman] Yes. – Okay, we’re ready. Okay, here we go. We have a surprise for you! (cheers) (dance music) – So everyone came together, this is your entire Amazon wishlist. – Good job, buddy, this is amazing. – So, what do you think? Good? We cleared everything
off that Amazon wishlist, and now you’ll have to reset it. – Outstanding. (dance music) – This was on your list. What is this for? – Cleaning quarantining areas.
We have like things called parvosal and other solutions
that you can put in there, so you can spray it on areas,
make sure that you don’t spread disease like, a girl outside, Ruby Lee has kennel cough, so you gotta just do a quick spraydown, especially if they have parvo or giardia, something like that. Yeah, this is rad, man. Really cool. – Here’s what happened. We were cruisin’ your Amazon wishlist, and we saw all the stuff that you needed,
and it really just kinda hit us that, what if we
could get you everything, so that they could just be
cleared off of your list. – That’d be amazing. At
the ranch here, we’re new, so there’s a lot of stuff
that we haven’t filled. Critically important. – Well, and when we saw that we went, “Oh man, those costs add up. And so, let’s get the whole community
involved.” And so I wanted to tell you some of the
people that donated, it’s really cool, so these
are just some of the people that donated, I’m gonna put everyone down in the description below, so check it out. Carey Mulligan, David
Goodrich, awesome, thank you, Sasha Bardem, Alexis Shepherd. – I recognize her name. – Okay, Lisa Nickons, Lorna
Paxton-Lad, Janie Nichols, that’s my mom, yeah, thanks ma. Love you. – Where’s my mom? Mom? – Oh, my other mom,
Sherri Rez, mother-in-law. – So both of your parents
have stepped up in a big way. I’m gonna text my dad as
soon as we stop this post. – And so many more, and guys,
I’m gonna put all of that down in the description below,
the campaign’s still ongoing, so feel free to donate,
and when you do, I’m just gonna keep adding names. – We’ll have to name a dog
after every person that donated. Looks like we got our work cut out for us. – I’m gonna list everyone
down below in the description, and here’s the cool thing:
the campaign’s still going on, so if you want to donate, just
go click the link down below, and then as people donate, we’re gonna add their name to the description. – Way to go, everybody,
we do critically need it, this kinda stuff, these
little costs that add up, are what kind of sink rescue
organizations like ours. It’s food, it’s materials, it’s
all that kind of stuff that, when you look at the
invoices, and you look at how it impacts your budget you
go, “Oh, Jesus.” You know, how are we gonna keep havin’
to pay for this stuff, so it’s critically important,
and we really appreciate it. And you know your money is
going to something good, something that we need. Yeah, man, thanks, dude.
Knock yourself out again, man. You’ve outdone yourself once again. – Thank you, and puppy: thank you. (laughs) Awesome.

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