Dog Rescue Hero Surprises Girlfriend with a Proposal

Oh, Bryant and Krystal, hello. OK, so first of all,
it just breaks my heart that there are people
in the world that would do something like that,
and I don’t understand it. And we need strict laws
for things like that to catch that right away. [APPLAUSE] You’re– in the morning,
you’re headed to the lake. You’re going to go fishing
or something, right? Yeah. And then what happens? Well, I was on my way walking
out there to go fishing, and I didn’t get
to my first spot. And I was looking in the
water, and I saw something just kind of weird, and I
didn’t know what it was. And when I got
closer, that’s when I realized that it was a dog
in a crate locked in there. And the water was just barely
below where her ears were. And I was just shocked,
and my heart just started pounding when I saw it. So it was close enough
that you could get to it, but still you had to
get into the water to– what happens next? Yeah. So I immediately looked
around because I was thinking, is there anybody
that can help me? I don’t know what
to do right now. And I had no idea how long
she had been in the water, so I just wanted to get her
out as quick as possible. So I started taking
off my sweatshirts, and I just walked in there. And I pulled her up
close to the shore, and that’s where I took
the picture that everyone saw because it was
very obvious to me that she had been through
a really traumatic life even before that moment. Right. Because you could tell– she had also been
hurt in different ways before she was even
put in that water. Yeah. OK. So you put her in the car. And the water was freezing. And then you’re driving
to the animal hospital, and you call Krystal. And, I mean, what’s
that call like to hear what he’s telling you? I immediately stopped
what I was doing. Obviously, I could
tell from his voice that it wasn’t something
that was accidental. And so I stopped
what I was doing, and I rushed there immediately. And all I could think
was, is Brian OK? Is this puppy going to make it? And how do we get her home? Yeah. And how– and you didn’t think
for a minute she was going to make it because
she was kind of– she was close to not making it I really– I really did
not think that she was. And when we first called and
I heard that she was stable and that she was finally getting
her body temperature up– because initially,
her body temperature was so low that it
didn’t even register. Right. And when I had her,
her eyes were closed, and she really was just
almost shut down completely. So I was just kind
of preparing myself for that because I didn’t
think she was going to make it. Right. So you didn’t think she
was going to make it. But if she did make it, you
knew that you wanted that dog. How did you know immediately
that you wanted that dog? When I first saw
her, I just thought there was this connection. And it’s hard to put words
behind it with an animal sometimes, but I just felt
something really special about her. And when I brought her to
the University of Illinois Veterinary Medicine and I handed
her over to the veterinarian, and I filled out the paperwork
right there and I said, I really want this dog. Right. So you’re going to get
that dog, aren’t you? We’re going to get that dog. Yeah. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] And what did you
name this doggie? We named her Dory. [AUDIENCE COLLECTIVELY AWW]
So we came home. When we got back from
the animal hospital, we’re like, OK, if she
makes it, we’re doing this. She’s ours. And when I was just
tossing around names, it was the only name I could
kind of think of because she just kept swimming. Yep. Yep. She made it. Yeah. She made it. [APPLAUSE] So obviously, they’re still
working on the injuries that she’s gone
through, so you’re going to hopefully get her
the end of this week, right? Yeah. Hopefully at the
end of this week, we’ll be able to take her home. Well, I have a pet line, and so
I want to give you everything that you’re going
to need for Dory, so I’m going to give
you all of my pet line. [CHEERING] So we’ll do– Oh, my goodness. We’ll be right back. We’re back with
Krystal and Bryant, who are amazing saviors
of little Dory, which is– you have to keep in touch
and send us pictures and stuff. And we have to watch her
play with all her toys. So how long have y’all
known each other? So we’ve been officially
together for about 11 years. We’re coming up on 11 years. Wow. And how did you meet? We met at a coffee shop at
an open mic night in college. He was singing, and he was shy. He thought I was pretty. [LAUGHTER] And then he didn’t talk to me. That’s so sweet. And 11 years. Yeah. That’s a long time. And will you get married? [LAUGHTER] You and
everyone else asks. So Krystal really
hates surprises, and I love surprising her. Uh-huh. Krystal. [CHEERING] (SURPRISED
DISBELIEF) No. So we had a dog named
Ozzie that passed away a couple of years
ago, and I had always planned on doing this with him
and I never got the chance. And it just feels right now. So Krystal, you are the
most beautiful person I have ever met, and I would
like to ask you to be– [CHEERING] Oh, my God. Will you be the
mother to our Dory? Will you be my wife? And will you marry me? Yes. [CHEERING] I love you. [CRYING] I love you too. [APPLAUSE] Have a seat. That was great. I cannot believe this. I’ve been watching
him going, wow, he’s really calm for what’s
about to happen. You really handled that well. Thank you. I was like, he’s
not even nervous. I was looking — anyway. So I want to be the first to
give you an engagement gift. This season, I’m
partnering with Furbo to help dogs find a loving home,
and they want to say thank you and congratulations with
a check for $25,000. [CHEERING] Oh my gosh. I want to thank Ray Romano. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be kind to one another. Bye bye. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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