Dog portrait, charles spaniel made of Hama beads | Birthday Gift to a friend

hey guys so this project is dedicated to a dear friend for her birthday the first time I met her was during a walk I took with “Lana” you may call it a random meeting but I don’t really believe in randomness or coincidence I think everything happens exactly when it needs to happen and we meet the right people at the right time when we attract them to our life but anyway she was walking her dog, and our dogs approach one another when she asked me out of the blue if I’m vegan, it was quite weird to me it’s the first time somebody just asked me that like in the middle of the street but that’s what I learn to like about her she is very upfront, she’s not afraid to approach new people and speak her mind and plus she’s vegan which is a big extra credit in my book so yeah anyway in this a work I’m gonna portray her dog “Koka” which is like a “Charles Spaniel” if I’m not mistaken she have a very cute dog, she’s quite old now since Kami have her since she was like.. at young age but I think it’s gonna be very cute to portray her in Hama beads that she’s gonna have for a long time after I’m done I’m gonna put it in a decorative paper frame so yeah I just wanted to say “Hi Kami happy birthday and I hope you like it” -)

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