Dog Parks in Lakeland Florida (2019)

One of the many reasons the Greater
Lakeland area is so appealing to live in is because the city loves your pets! In
2018, National Geographic named Lakeland as the most dog friendly small city in
the U.S..And as always, Lakeland does things in unique style!! Stay with me,
because today we’re going to take a look at a few of Lakeland’s newest dog parks
that I’m sure will give you pause if you “Pawz” If you remember my video on Lakeland golf
courses, I talked about one called Cleveland Heights golf course. But did
you know that there is a dog park built right in the middle of the course? Last
year the city built a three and a half acre dog park right in the middle of
Cleveland Heights Golf Course and they named it Dogleg Woods.. but why
they named it Dogleg Woods.. Dogleg Woods is Lakeland’s second off-leash dog park
built on a dogleg turn in the course. Amenities include mulched shaded areas,
canopy oaks, water stations for both man and beast,
also lots of room to run and play and catch those balls and frisbees. There’s
also a wash station so we could clean those paws off before the ride home. In
addition, there’s separate areas for our larger breeds to separate from our
pint-sized pups. But that’s not all!.. when you and your furry friend have had
enough fun in the park for the day head over to the Cleveland Heights pet
friendly patio for a quick cold drink and a bite to eat. Check it out! Our next
stop is Lake Crago dog Park. Lake Crago Park itself is a hundred and
nineteen acre park located off of Lakeland Hills Boulevard just south of
the Hollis Cancer Center. The park is bounded by Lake Parker, Little Lake
Parker ,Lake Crago, Crego canal, and also Hourglass Lake. All accessible
for kayaking. boating and fishing and More. Dog owners are still unaware
that this park even opened in 2015 on the north side of Lakeland. Lake Crago
dog park was part of phase 1 of Lake Crago park it includes clean
restrooms for humans and drinking fountains for our four-legged friends.
Phase 2 is expected open up sometime next year, it’s going to include an
outdoor recreation center that can accommodate 300,
a small amphitheater and more. So if you live on the north side and you and your
canine companion have not yet checked out Lake Crago dog park
grab a ball or frisbee and head out for a couple of hours of fun with your furry
friend. Next up is the Diogi dog park. Of course we have to mention Diogi Dog Park.
It may not be the fanciest dog park in town, but it certainly is the most
sentimental. On July 14, 2007, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd along with deputy
Matt Williams family dedicated Polk counties first dog park located off a
Carter Road at Loyce Harpe Park. This park was built in memory of deputy Matt
Williams in his canine partner Diogi. On September 28 2006, Diogi showed his
unconditional loyalty to Matt Williams by trying to protect him. But sadly,both
of them did not survive the gunman’s brutal attack…. Sheriff Grady Judd said it
best when he said this park was built with canine and family bonding in mind
that would teach gentle discipline and respect for others. What a fitting
tribute to deputy Matt Williams and Diogi. So the next time you take your canine
friend to Diogi Park take a moment to remember deputy Matt Williams and his
faithful partner Diogi. And finally for our downtown dwellers
there is going to be an awesome dog park opening soon right downtown and they’re
gonna call it ‘Central Bark’. With more and more people especially Millennials, who
are wanting that downtown lifestyle living experience. Once again Lakeland
has heard you! With more and more residents coming to live downtown so are
their fur babies. And until now there really wasn’t anywhere for those fur
babies to run and play. Central Bark is being built right across Lake Mirror and
it’s going to be a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art dog park. The unique
park won’t have any grass.. it’s going to have artificial turf that will never
wear out. There’s gonna be hills and moguls statues, neon lights and more for
your pup to run and play on. And a cost of over three hundred and fifty thousand
dollars, our Lakeland furry friends will finally have their own posh playground.
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