Dog Island opens in Boise’s Ann Morrison Park with wide open spaces and barks of joy

Ladies and gentlemen,
officially opening the together the Treasure Valley Dog Park,
one, two, three, go.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Basically we went through a a park refresher in our
master plan for the Ann Morrison Park. And one of the items that was
identified through our community engagement process was our citizens
wanted to see some kind of dog off-leash year-round area
inside Ann Morrison Park. They wanted better access from downtown,
they wanted an area that had access to water and an area that was large enough
to really let dogs run and play and have a good time. Specifically, our citizens suggested
that maybe you take what we refer to as Duck Island and turn that into Dog Island,
and allow that to be the area where dogs could run free and then have access
to the water around the island. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>This is an awesome park predominantly,
I think, because, or primarily because of
how large the area is. And it just gives them and
the owner a sense of freedom and the ability to really play
with a lot of other dogs. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>The island is about 5.4 acres in size,
we also have a small area, it’s about a third of an acre that we
have that we refer to as our shy dog or smaller dog area. So we just had a great turnout today of
our citizens, I did not see a dog without an owner attached to them, so
that’s great to see that kind of turnout. We estimate a couple hundred people
showed up today for the celebration, and now we look forward to the island
being utilized by our citizens as a great off-leash area for their pets. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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