Dog Hair Or Celebrity Hair? (GAME)

( music playing )Here at “Good Mythical Morning,”
we pride ourselves on our lack of vanity
when it comes to our hair. – Sure.
– In the infamous words
of Queen Bey, – we woke up like this.
– Yeah. So even though
we couldn’t care less – about what our hair
looks like, obviously…
– Right. We have been very intrigued
by the recent trend of photos of dogs’ hairdos. And the trend was started
by Molly Backes on Twitter. Take a look at this. Rhett:
Wow! That is so epic!
Link:I know.
It’s like a Fabio situation.
Windblown hair.But if you were to take
the face of the dog and kinda
cookie cutter that out
leaving only the hairdo, you might think,
or your mom might think that it’s Sam Elliott
coming over for a visit. – Link:See?
– Rhett:Oh, yeah.And if you didn’t know
who Sam Elliott was,
your mom definitely does. – That’s right.
– Definitely. So what we’re gonna do
is play a game where Stevie is gonna
show us a hairdo removed from all
of its environment– the head that it came from. – Just the hair.
– It could be – hair that’s on a dog.
– Right. Or it could be
from another person. We have to decide. We are going head to head
against each other. – We’re gonna–
– Not necessarily Sam Elliott. – No, it could be–
– It could be any human. We’re gonna indicate
using these paddles, and the winner wins
this amazing wig they can wear at all times which, yes, has a dog
as part of the wig. – The wig itself–
– Is a dog. Is a dog! – I wanna wear that.
– And just imagine putting this on your head in all its glorious glory. Well,
that’s why I wanna win,
so I can wear that. And if I don’t win,
I’ll just look at you
wearing it. Either way I’m a winner. All right,
let’s see the first one. Link:
There’s a visor involved.
Rhett:A visor?Link:
You put a visor on a dog?
– I believe you can.
– I don’t. – I think this is a human.
– I believe they will
not protest. Stevie, who’s right? – Hold on, I haven’t said yet.
– Oh! I thought
you were saying dog. Well, I’m just thinking
out loud, man. You can definitely put
a visor on a dog. That doesn’t mean
that is a visor on a dog. If you keep thinking,
I’m gonna switch my answer. – But I’m going to dog.
All right, are these
your final answers?
– This is a human.
Let’s reveal it.Rhett:Yeah!That’s a dog in a visor.It doesn’t look
too happy about it.
So this is what they call,
like, Afghan Hound, if my days watching
the dog shows– I’d used to get sick
and I’d stay home from school, conveniently,
when the dog shows were on. Really? Wow! ‘Cause it would last
for hours. – It was riveting stuff, man.
– There was other things
you could’ve been doing. You realize? I know, and I chose
the best thing. – Okay. Yeah.
Ready for the next one?Link:Okay.There’s no way that could be–
I mean, it could be a dog.
Rhett:Oh, wow!Link:It could also
be a professional wrestler.
Man, this is a– I’m taking
some hairline cues. – What do you think?
– I’m taking a hairline cue and I’m going with person. Yeah, I think
this is a person.All right, let’s see
if you’re right.
– Rhett:Oh, yeah!
– Link:Oh, it’s Momoa!– Link:Or whatever
his name is.

– Rhett:Yeah.I used to call him
Jason Moana.
Until my wife corrected me. She knows everything
about him, doesn’t she? She knows a lot
about Jason Moana. – Yeah.
All right,
let’s see the next one.
Oh! This is weak.
I hope that’s a dog. Link:I think it’s
Jon Voight’s hair.
If that’s a person’s hair– You know, this is like, “Oh, that dog’s kinda got
hair like a person.” But if that’s a person’s hair,
then it’s kinda like, “That person’s kinda got
hair like a dog.” Link:
But what is that, a terrier?
No, I’m saying
this is an old man.
– Oh yeah, dog. Dog.
All right, final answers.– Yes, old man.
Let’s reveal it.( Rhett laughs )What is that?
Yeah, that’s one of those–– That’s the kinda dog
could be an old man.
that wins like ugliest dog
in the world contest. – It’s got the–
– That’s the breed
that usually wins it. Link:
The neck of a giraffe
and its hairdo starts
from his eyebrows.
That’s an eyebrow hairdo.Yeah, he has
no forehead at all. – Wow!
– I’m not complaining. I’m glad I’m wrong.All right, next.– Link:Oh!
– Rhett:Ah!Link:
Are those dreads?
– Rhett:Wow.Link:
That’s some dread action.
Rhett:Is that not
the backside of a dog?
You think that ponytail flops
over the b-hole? Yeah. – That– This is a dog.
– That’s what I’m seeing. I can’t not see a dog
walking away from me. – This is a dog. Sheepdog.
All right, let’s see.Rhett:If that’s a person–
Oh yeah, that’s a dog.
Link:Is that a poodle?
Can somebody tell me?
I think it’s another Afghan,
but they’ve just
been dreaded, which I think that’s
cultural appropriation.All right, let’s move on.Okay. Link:
Ooh, help me out
with this one, Lady.
I’m naming it Lady.That’s a lot of hair.Rhett:
Yeah, that’s Cher, man.
I’m not just saying
it’s a person. I’m saying who it is. That’s Cher hair. No, it’s a dog. – That’s dog hair.
All right, let’s see.( Rhett laughs )– Link:You freaking nailed it!
– Rhett:Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!I found my calling, man! Just show me dogs
and people all day
and I’ll tell– I just–
Just bring ’em in. I’m like a king
and my only thing is I can tell you
whether it’s dog hair
or people hair. –All right, Link,
you have no chance

– Why does a king gotta be– –at this point.
– ‘Cause I’m like–
‘Cause I just point. I just sit on the throne
and point. At what? Like, people
and dogs with masks on? Yeah, you bring in people
and dogs with masks on – and I’ll tell you whether–
– It’s easy to tell in person if a dog is a dog. No, they just stick
their head through something and they cover–
It’s just, you know– We gotta work on it! You’re gonna be there.
You’ll help. I’m not gonna help
with this– – You and that kingdom.
– Okay.All right,
let’s see if the king
can get this last one.
Come on, man.
I really wanted
to wear this thing. Rhett:
Oh, that’s a beautiful dog.
Link:That’s pretty.Rhett:
Yeah, the king has spoken.
After what I’ve seen,
then that’s a dog.You sure?– Yep. Yeah.
– Yeah. – I know a dog anywhere.
All right, let’s see it.Rhett:Oh, wow!Link:
And the face is a lot bigger
than I thought
it was gonna be.
– Rhett:Mm.
– Link:The dog looks
kinda sad about it.
Looks kinda dejected. Hey, you gotta give me
that wig, man. – Is that it?
That’s it.All right, Rhett,
in Good Mythical More you get to wear
this wig, but I– We have to be careful about
how we put this thing on. – Oh, wow.
– So for now, you’re just
gonna admire it. I’m just gonna
pet it for now. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. ( in a deep voice )
You know what time it is. ( rasping )
Hey, Daddies. Do you wanna hear
a sweet nothing? ( breathing heavily ) Yeah, it’s time to spin
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