Dog Gives Birth To A Rare Green Puppy (Only 3 In The World)

Hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and
today we’re going to be looking at a dog who gave birth to a rare green puppy if
I showed you this image you’d likely say is photoshopped or faked but what if I
told you it was 100% real recently a Golden Retriever had a green
puppy but why is it green and what’s the sad story behind this photo well before
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in this photo is called Rio and she is a golden retriever recently Rio gave birth
to a litter of puppies they all looked exactly how you’d imagine a baby golden
retriever to look like that is except one of her puppies which stood out from
the rest of the litter Rio and her owner Lewis Sutherland live in Gulf Spy
Scotland and Lewis was absolutely amazed when her golden retriever gave birth to
nine puppies but one thing that actually made her concerned as well as surprised
was one of the puppies was Green she said it was all hands on deck when
the puppies began to be delivered but she soon realized one of the puppies had
green fur and she couldn’t believe her eyes
Luiz named this puppy Forest as it’s green she posted a photo of her dog and
its new green puppy and it quickly went viral however many people were saying
that it was totally faked after all it’s not every day you see a green dog
however some saw the image and correctly believed it as it is real they said to
Luiz they were very envious of her for having a green puppies they wanted one
themselves but there are only three of these green puppies in the world ever to
be born if you think having a cute dog gets you a lot of attention just wait
until that dog is green but you’re probably shouting one thing of the
screen right now charlie why is it green did this dog get busy with an alien or
something well no there’s actually a pretty
explainable science behind why this dog came out green basically some rare
phenomena where unborn puppies come into contact with the liver in the liver and
is a green pigment found in dogs bile inside its bodies you can actually see
this pigment when your dog gets a bruised if your dog gets a bruise
chances are it will turn green well this is the green Pal evident pigment in
the dog’s body sometimes it can tire dogs puppies fur green in the womb the
pigment will also mix with the mother dog’s amniotic fluids this creates a
green coloring and can stain some of their litter green but amazingly out of
the nine dogs that were given birth to that day only one turned out green now
sadly these pups do not stay green into adulthood
eventually this color does actually fade in a few months that’s because it
literally is like a fabric or food dye eventually it wears away so that’s why
you’ve never seen a fully grown green Golden Retriever but then again this
phenomena has only been recorded happening three times ever so it’s very
rare but many people who click share’ didn’t realize there’s actually a very
sad story behind this viral photo you see Rio the golden retriever gave birth
to nine puppies that day but very sadly one of those nine puppies passed away
shortly after being born however the owner Lewis says the rest of the litter
are doing just fine and of course that includes forests at the green puppy so
there you go guys some things aren’t too good to be true and are actually real
I’m kind of skeptical when it comes to Internet images and I really thought
this was totally fake but these photos are real and it actually is something
that can happen but are there any other rare phenomena that can happen with dogs
well recently a two month old puppy named Enzo went viral this it was
another Golden Retriever that had something special about it
you see Enzo was born with a very rare condition which means he has a cute mark
on his face he’s actually unique meaning no other golden retriever in the world
looks anything like him as you can see his face has a rare pigmentation named
somatic cell mutation many people don’t realize this but in the womb golden
retrievers actually have a black base coat but there’s a modifier gene that
turns them a golden color before they’re born every golden retriever has this
modifier but Enzo stumbled a bit in his DNA that’s why one part of his face is
black while the rest is golden but it made Enzo look incredibly rare and cute
for his breed and if you’re more into pit bulls than golden retrievers then
check out this dog named Titus Titus is sobre he’s thought to be the only pit
bull in the world that looks like this despite being a pitbull Titus is very
well trained and is not aggressive at all he was born in Albania and as you
can see he looks kind of like a cheetah and experts say Titus could actually
sell for around $100,000 and that’s all down to his markings as they’re so rare
and cool-looking let’s be honest who wouldn’t want their very own cheetah
pitbull but now it’s time to make your voice heard
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