Dog gives birth litter of 21 puppies set ‘new world record’

dog may have set new world record with
giant litter of 21 puppies a dog could have set a new world record after giving
birth naturally to a staggering litter of 21 puppies great dane and american
bulldog cross mary jane MJ did her owner joanne hein proud as she popped out the
enormous brood Joanne who’s from the Isle of Man had been told her beloved
pet would give birth to six eight puppies but as the due date crept closer
a fresh examination revealed that the number was going to be much higher now
that the ordeal of the birth is over with questions are being asked as to
whether MJ’s epic achievement is actually record breaking the Guinness
world record for the largest litter currently stands of 24 born to a
Napolitan Mastiff Colt Tia in Cambridgeshire in 2004 but those puppies
were born via caesarean section while MJ’s litter were all natural which
Joanne thinks could mean a new record has been broken when the vets told me it
would probably be more after they’d said she would have just six to eight I said
no way Joanne recalls I’m so proud of her MJ
did it all on her own with Annie and Ruth of Jane callow veterinary practice
by her side the whole time MJ only has nine nipples so
bottle-feeding them every two hours is a team effort from us all sadly six of
Joanne’s puppies were stillborn and one died soon after the birth on November
20th so the new mum has 14 little ones to care for the remaining 14 pups have
been named after chocolate bars that Joanne says suit their personalities
Joanne loves these little dogs so much she even sleeps in the kitchen next to a
homemade crypt which is big enough for all 14 in their mothers the majority of
the dogs are yet to be rehomed although two are soon being taken to a new family
in Roe their hammer all the pups seem to have inherited their mothers
black-and-white coloring and the face of their father a bull mastiff crossed with
a Rottweiler which is an unbelievably adorable combination the animals need to
be fed every two hours so Joanne is being supported by her dad Steve brother
Matt and friend Liam who will soon all become dads to the
she added that MJ will now be neutered as she’s read that a second litter can
be even bigger

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