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– Today I’m going to teach
you about a brain game that’s really easy to make,
and it includes things that you probably already
have in the house. I’m Kent Steepe and welcome
back to McCann Dogs. (dog barking) If this is your first time on the channel and you consider your dog a family member, then your gonna wanna
hit the subscribe button. We post new videos every single week to help you spend some quality time with your four-legged family member. So today’s brain game is going to include just a couple of items. First one is a muffin tray. Now I picked up this muffin tray up for a couple of bucks
at a local dollar store, but I’ll post our Amazon Affiliate Links in case you wanna get this
stuff ordered directly to you, or you may already have
it in your kitchen. But we’re gonna need a muffin
tray and some tennis balls. Now I’ve got 12 tennis balls because I’ve got 12 muffin
spots in our muffin tray, But we’re gonna sort of
treat it like a food puzzle, and I’ll show you what I mean. Now I’ve got some of Grand Slam’s kibbles for his dinner beside me and I’m gonna place a couple of pieces of this kibble into the one of
the spots in the muffin tray. And then I’m gonna cover
it with the tennis ball. Now if you have a dog that’s
not super eager to engage with some of this stuff,
or isn’t really super keen on food, then I’d probably
just allow them, okay, to get the food out of
there, to really make a point of the fact that we’re
putting food into this tray. Looks like you’re gonna have a couple of pieces of kibble there, here bud, Go lie that down on your bed. Slam. And now, ’cause I know
he’s pretty keen on food. But I’ll drop that kibble into the tray, and then I’m just gonna put
a tennis ball on top of it, and then we’re gonna give it
to him and see what he does. Okay. Sniffing around, for that food. He knows it’s in there somewhere. Where’s your dinner? What’s this? What’s this? What’s this? Good boy! Okay. Oh, he just put it in another
spot of the muffin tray, and then he got his dinner. Okay, so that was a little
bit more complicated than I thought it would be for Slam, but this is gonna provide
an excellent brain game for him when we put a
few more tennis balls in. Alright? So, Slam’s kind of got the hang of this, so you’re gonna take a
couple more pieces of kibble, and I’m going to put them
into a different spot in the muffin tray. Now I’ve got three balls here, I’m gonna put one on top of the food, and I put two other tennis balls in. Now we’re gonna let Slam get it, okay. That’s pretty good at using his paws to bring the game closer to him. And now pretty quick,
he knocked the food over the spot really quickly. So that was great, Slam went
right to the spot in question. So what I’m gonna do is increase
the challenge a little bit. I’m gonna put food in
a couple of the spots in the muffin tray, and I’m gonna fill the entire
tray full of tennis balls. Alright, so this is where we increase the challenge a little bit. We’ll put some more pieces of food in a few of the different spots and we’ll let Slam this out. But what we’re gonna
do is put tennis balls in each of the spots in the tray. Okay, so we’ve got all
12 tennis balls in here, We’re gonna allow Slam
to, I guess, have at it, and see what he does. Okay. I’m just gonna hold it for
a little extra stability as Slam makes his way through here. Now the great part about
this is that the tennis balls don’t just naturally pop out of the tray, so he’s really gotta work a little bit to get the food out of there. So that’s really
interesting, he went directly to one of the spots that had food in it. Good boy, and he’s flicking it out with his nose, and using his paws, and really forcing him to work a little bit for these. Looking to find them. What a good boy. So he is picking exactly the
right spots to find the food. Is there any more in there? I don’t even know if I’ve
got any more food in there. Oh, had the last one. I revealed it for him. But your dog can have
lots of fun, you know, picking their way through the
muffin tray, finding the food, and, I mean, this is
really a great brain game. We’re forcing the dog to use their brain as well as their nose, to
really seek out those treats. These food puzzles and
brain games are a great way to spend some time with dog indoors, regardless of what the
weather’s like outside. Or if you’ve only got
a few minutes to spend with your dog, these are a great way to stimulate their mind, and some of them are a great way to really stimulate
activity with their body. A great way to spend
time with a senior dog. If this is your first time on the channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button. We publish new videos every single week to help you spend some quality time with your four-legged family member. Now those videos over there, that’s a playlist of
some other brain games and some other things you
can do inside with your dog. And on that note, I’m
Ken, this is Grand Slam. Happy training. (funky music)

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  • So how would I do this with a dog who is totally ball obsessed? Like maniacal about tennis balls !!!! Food not so much. Would I use like real meat treats instead of kibble?

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