Dog First Aid : How to Make a Dog Vomit

Let’s say your dog has eaten something or
he is just fat that he has eaten something that is poisonous. An example, would be Bakers
chocolate. As we know, all chocolate is dangerous to dogs. Bakers chocolate is particularly
dangerous because it has a higher concentration of theobromine line which is the chemical
that is in chocolate and is dangerous for dogs. So if we suspect or know that our dog
has eaten some chocolate, we need to get him to vomit. This is not chocolate. Obviously
anything that is dangerous for dogs. It could be rat poison, could be grapes, raisins, Macadamia
nuts, anything or any plant that is toxic for dogs. We need to get them to vomit right
away. If it has been past 30 minutes and this is not what you want to actually take your
dog to the vet. But if it is before 20 or 30 minutes, then you can get Hydrogen Peroxide
and a syringe. For a dog that is approximately 60 pounds, you are going to use 2 tablespoons
of Hydrogen Peroxide. You are going to draw the Hydrogen Peroxide into the syringe and
then you are going to put it in the dog’s mouth, pick up his flap here, put it back
in the dog’s throat and put it in the dog’s mouth. They are not going to like it but in
about 3 to 5 minutes, it should induce vomiting. If this has not induced vomiting in 5 minutes,
then you are going to inject another 2 tablespoons of Hydrogen Peroxide. Obviously if you have
a small dog, you are going to use a smaller amount. You want to achieve vomiting so that
the dog throws up something he has eaten. If it is something that is sharp object or
glass, we are not talking about poisons here, we are talking about something dangerous but
not poisonous, you do not want to start the dog vomiting. In the case where it has been
glass or some sharp object, get the dog to the veterinarian immediately. If your dog
after they have thrown up starts to exhibit signs where they are uncoordinated or confused,
get your dog to the vet as soon as you can. But if you know what they have eaten and you
k now that it has been recent they have eaten it, you can induce vomiting and be fairly
sure that it is not going to leave the stomach and go into the intestines. You can also give
activated charcoal after you have induced vomiting so that once the activated charcoal
does get into the intestines, it will actually absorb any toxins that made it past the stomach.

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