Dog Eat Dog Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Nicholas Cage Movie

There was me. There was Diesel and there was Mad Dog. We all did our piece at different times. and I was the last to come out. Once you are in, staying out is all but impossible. That’s him. Hey, bro, look at this. This ain’t no cop car. These chaps decided to throw me a welcome-home party. You motherf…. [spits] You got blood on my Versace! Versace? Hahaha. You need to get us some real work because this is no kind of life It’s taking forever. What’s the gig? This guy, he’s got a one year old out in the heights. I need you to snatch him. I don’t know man. Kid’s still a baby. He ain’t never gonna know. If he was four or something? Never be doing that. He wouldn’t do that. This is the game plan. Big job for us. Baby napping. Well that don’t sound so good. It’s not, and I’m not saying it is. It was a gig. There was a lot of money at the end. We’re on our away to Hawaii. It never works out. I think it does sometimes. You just don’t know about it cause they run off to
Hawaii and you don’t ever hear from them again. You have absolutely no idea
how to control your emotions. [Screaming] Just take our money we won’t say anything. It’s him! [shooting] We’re gonna call the police the minute he gets away. No we are not. I didn’t want justice. Am I under arrest? [Screeching tires] I just wanted what I wanted. Just like everyone. Well you guys are so fu- Woah you scared me Ha ha. Why am I scary? [screaming] You feel like you got problems? Then I start thinking, once you’ve had money,
you’re never 100% sure who your friends are. We are not gonna go down. Gotta be samurai style. Jackie Chan

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