Dog Bites Dog – Vet Advice

Dog bites inflicted on another dog is a common
occurrence in veterinary surgeries. It can be as a result of playing too aggressively
or more likely during a fight. But if it happens to you it can be a traumatic experience as
Karen and Andy owners of Buster the Boxer know only too well. We were out walking with Buster yesterday
and he were attacked by a crossbred Boxer Rottweiler. Buster were on a lead and the
other dog weren’t on a lead and we just walked up to them and he just attacked him. Just
completely out of nowhere. So very aggressive. I had to get between them and I had to pull
Buster back. Frost, please. Hello. Buster was bitten on the leg and didn’t sleep
too well last night whimpering and shaking. He’s also having difficulty climbing the stairs. Good boy. Right, so this is Buster isn’t it?
We’ve not seen him here before, so he’s not got any other problems that we should be aware
of? No other problems, okay. So it’s just this wound on his leg is it? That’s the main
thing. So he’s well, he’s alright is he? Yeah, he’s okay. Yeah? And he seemed to be walking okay when
he came in. Yeah, he does. He walks alright and then ‘ he
limps when he wants to. Right, okay. But he can’t get up stairs. Right, okay, so it is quite sore. Yes, it is sore. Okay. When a dog gets bitten by another dog, sometimes
the teeth don’t necessarily puncture through the skin, so there might be nothing to see,
but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t done damage underneath. More often than not, though,
it does go through the skin and sometimes it can puncture quite a big vein or artery
and you can see a lot of bleeding. If that’s the case, then apply direct pressure to it.
Phone your vet, tell them that you’re on your way and just get down there as soon as possible.
If it is bleeding very badly, then it might need to be stitched. If it’s just a skin wound
and it’s not open too much, quite often they may be left just to heal up on their own with
antibiotics, because sometimes it’s quite a bad idea to stitch them because you are
stitching the infection in. But it depends on the severity of the wound and the position
as well. So has he let you have a feel of it? Or does
he not like you touching it? He let me have a feel of it once. Okay. And he squealed. Did he? Oh dear. Right, if you can hang onto
his head then, just in case he doesn’t like this too much. Did it bleed much when it was
done? No, I there weren’t any blood at all, to be
honest. Good boy. Because there’s one puncture wound
up here. Is that the only thing there is to see? Yeah. Is there a mark on the inside of his leg,
do we know? No, there’s nothing in there. Good boy. Good boy, you’re being very brave.
That’s fine. Just see if it’s swollen. Can you feel him shake? Yeah, he is shaking a bit. He never did shake like that. Oh, sometimes it can be a bit painful. They
can shake as a response to that. So it”s perhaps a little bit swollen around this part,
because when you compare it to the other side you can feel there’s a little bit of fluid
that’s building up underneath there already. Laura needs a closer look at the wound so
uses clippers to shave a patch of Buster’s fur. Good boy, oh good boy. There you go. That’s
fine. You can – I don’t know if you can see from there but it’s really bruised round here.
All his skin’s kind of gone a darkish, purplish colour. So obviously because it’s such a small
wound, there’s nothing there that we actually need to stitch, because in these situations
it’s better to leave the wound open, so if there is any infection there it can drain
out. What’s probably happened is when the tooth’s gone it, it’s kind of dug into the
muscle underneath and kind of roughened it up a little bit, so that that’s where all
the swelling’s coming from, just because the muscle’s damaged underneath. We definitely
need to start him on some antibiotics and start him on some painkillers for that as
well and hopefully that should be enough to sort it out. The only worry is that if the
tooth’s gone in and implanted any bacteria underneath the skin and then the skin’s healed
itself, when the antibiotics finish it might form an abscess under there, and then in that
case we’d have to have him in and he’d have to have a bit of surgery and we’d open it
up and flush it out. But at the moment, because it happened yesterday and it is quite swollen
and sore, it’s best to start him off on some medication now rather than saying let’s go
in there and open it all up. Right then, he can go down. Good boy. Is it all right to just take him out for walks
or? Yeah, I think once he starts the medication,
we can start them both straight away, so they’ll both be in tablet form and you can start them
straight away this morning. If you’re worried at all, then we’ll see him back, otherwise
just finish off the course of treatment and hopefully that should be the end of everything.
Alright then, okay then. Let me get the door for you. Go on then, good boy. See you later.
Bye. Bye. One of the worries of bites is that there
will be infection afterwards, so it’s always a good idea to have your dog put on some antibiotics
just to make sure that there is no infection present.

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  • My dog got bitten at three different spots by a wild dog someone owned and my tiny dog had three big bleeding scars

  • my dog got bite to day by hes own son and thairs like and blood on it had and my mom whant to go see but hes not comeing out what do i do ;(((((( ps i was crying to and my sis was dumb to do some thing all she did was claping her hands o-o

  • My Malshi got bitten under her right front leg about a couple years ago by a German Shepherd and she recoverd pretty quickly, those were some of the most worrying hours of my life

  • My lab got bitten same as him! How would i know about the abscess she's talking about, if it starts forming ! I've got few antibiotics from the vets and he gave him 3 injections too but i am still worried for him! Can someone tell me about the abscess she's talking about?

  • The same exact thing happend to my poor sweet Kaycee girl….a very young, in fact 2-year old dotsuan puppy. And an insane stray dog came right dog street as I was walking Kaycee, and strat up attacked her! Bite her front arm, and basicly chewed it up. And now my baby's in the emergency vet hospital. 😢😭 we don't even know if she'll ever be able to walk agien. Ever! Please, pray for my young pooch. Your our last hope. 🤕

  • A dog came in my yard and my dog bit him in the ass, now the lady is trying to sue me. I offered to pay for the vet bill in cash to not admit guilt but that’s not good enough she is out for blood and thinks she has a million dollar case. What should I do now? Her dog was on my front lawn shitting when it happened.

  • Does anyone know what to do if my dogs ear is split open I have no idea what I should do can anyone help

  • I went to the beach with my dog (keep in mind MY dog was on a lead) then another dog came over and it acted friendly so I was like aww cute next minute, it snapped at my dog and just about caught him. Luckily, there was no need to go to the vets since the dog didn’t bite him but from now on im terrified of loose dogs running over to me when I have my dog

  • My sweet girl, Macy, was attacked last night by either coyotes or a neighborhood pit bull. (Nothing against them, this one is very violent) We found her this morning, took her to the emergency vet hospital, and found out she had a lot of deep puncture wounds with an infection, causing a fever of 104. Vet said that he would have to shave all of her fur to be able to treat it, which normally wouldn’t be a problem, except she PRIDES in her thick fur. 😭 I feel so sorry for her, and feel horrible that I didn’t know what happened to her last night when it happened. With all that said, I know there will be comments saying, “Well I keep my dogs inside and they never get hurt, maybe you should keep her inside.” I know it would be safer, but it would be pure torture for her to keep her inside. She LOVES to run, and likes the feeling of freedom it brings her! I hope my baby feels better soon, I would love to see her running again. 😭❤️

  • I have 4 Gsds that are guard dogs. 3 of them ganged up on one and bit her so badly she can't walk 😭 I live in rural Kenya and there aren't any vet clinics around here. We have one vet and he's on his way but I'm so terrified. He has a big hole on his left back leg and can't even stand. 😭

  • Here because my neighbor's pit bulls escaped and bit my little runt black lab mix. Tore up her ear and put a hole in her neck.

  • My wolfdog who is dying of cancer was attacked day before yesterday. My Logan hadn't been out for three days as he's on meds, but decided he wanted to. So we crossed over to a patch of grass and a minute later a pitbull that has a bad reputation came charging off lead whilst the owners mate was drunk. It bite my dogs leg I jumped in and started punching the dog. I grabbed its collar and lifted it up and threw it at the guy. He grabbed it. My dog suffered an inch hole and is suffering. He's got meds for that. I went to the house and it kicked off. The guy won't be walking that dog for a while, but if that dog is off lead again it won't be seen again.

  • I have a shepherd and he does a good amount of farm work with me, he was out one morning and I heard growling and barking and out came my boy and I rode up the hill to see what was up and my dog killed 2 coyotes I was beyond shook and I looked over my dogs body and he suffered 4 bite wounds to his hind end and 1 near his neck and he took it like a champ even when I cleaned the wounds with iodine he just sat. Some dogs know their worth and it shows. But with that being said my dog stays by my side for now on.

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