Doberman and rottweiler, are two races
canid with great features that They make them stand out compared to other races
Similar. For its part, the doberman is energetic, He decided, very intelligent and always
on guard. It is a powerful dominant dog And proud. The rotweiler, meanwhile, was
He raised primarily for the custody and protection herds. It stands out as a heavyset race,
strong, very strong, with a bite very powerful.
. On this occasion, we present a very
short historical review, some features important and final comparative table
of these two powerful breeds, for that you decide and currents, who wins a
hypothetical matchup. Dobermann. Standard FCI, 143.
Origin: Germany. Classification. Molosoides and dogs type mountain.
UTILIZATION: utility company and protection. HISTORY.
The Dobermann breed is unique in Germany to bear the name of its first known breeder: Friederich
Louis Dobermann (Jan. 2, 1834 – JUNE 9 1894).
As the story goes, he was collector taxes, a trail manager, and also
“Perrero” with the legal right to catch all dogs that they could travel free.
For breeding, especially dogs mated Snapper canine shelter. Dogs
butcher “played the most important role in the formation of the breed Dobermann, who
in those days and were seen as a race itself. These dogs were type
precursors of the current Rottweiler, mixed with a type of Shepherd Dog in black
red-rust marks was common in the Thuringian region.
With these mixtures, Dobermann began breeding in the 70s of the 19th century in this way,
he obtained “his breed” dogs utility, home and ranches, which were not only guards,
but also very attached to man. is He used much as a protection dog
and for the police. Its broad utility in the police service gave in
that time the name “Gendarme dog”. In the hunt he was used primarily
for the extermination of vermin. Dobermann was officially recognized as
police dog at the beginning of the 20th century. Dobermann breeding resulted
medium dog, strong and muscular, which despite all its substance can recognize
elegance and nobility. It is ideal as a dog companion, protection and utility. Medium size, strong and muscular. The
elegant lines of her body, attitude arrogant, temperamental and nature
expression of a determined dog, correspond the image of the ideal dog. Essentially
friendly and peaceful. Very dependent family. He encourages bravura and temperament
moderate, plus an excitation threshold medium. Because of its docility and joy
for work Dobermann characterized for its value, hardness and capacity. With a
proper care of your environment, you may be value mainly be sure
of himself and nothing scary. Size and weight:
Height withers: Males 68 to 72 cm. females 63 to 68 cm.
In both cases an intermediate extent desired Weight: Males 40 to 45 kg. Females 32 to 35 kg. Rotweiler. Standard FCI, 147.
ORUGEN. Germany. Classification. Molossoid, Dogue type.
UTILIZATION: Utility, service and company. History: The Rotweiler, it is one of the races
Older. Its origin dates from the times of the Romans.
In that he was then possessed as a dog protection driving dogs. These
dogs were moving with the Romans more Beyond the Alpine regions, where they protected
people and driving cattle. In the region Rottweil, these dogs crossed
with native dogs, which emerged a mix. Thereafter, the task
Rotweiler principal was to care for and lead gained more and defend his master
and possessions. Your name “butcher dog of Rotweil “I got the old city
Rottweil imperial. Rotweiler rearing, aspires to a race
strong, very strong, black, with reddish-brown markings clearly defined, which
despite its totally energetic appearance, no less noble it is very appropriate
as a service dog, and utility company. The Rotweiler, is a medium sized dog
a large, robust, nor coarse nor light, nor fragile, nor too high limbs.
Its strong, compact and shapely figure to the conclusion that it is a very powerful dog,
agile and resilient. With friendly and peaceful tendency, kind
with children, it is a very affectionate dog, obedient, docile and willingly
to work. His appearance betrays robustness original. Confident, nothing nervous
nor scary. Reacts to its environment great attention. SIZE AND WEIGHT:
Withers: Males: 61 to 68 cm. females: 56 to 63cm.
Weight: Approximately 42 kg


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