Do These People Look Like Their Dogs?

– Do you guys think dog owner
really look like their dogs? We’re gonna have random
contestants try to match these dog owners to their
dogs, and we’ll find out. Dog owners, could you
please give me your leashes? – Good lord. – Jesus. (upbeat rock music) – Zack, do you think people are gonna know that Franklin’s your dog? – I think so, because
we’re both pretty big dogs, and I think people can put two
and two together like that. – We’re both blonde and very high energy. – I think you can tell he is my dog, cuz we both have droopy red
eyes, and resting sad face. – If you just look at me,
you wouldn’t think that I would have a dog this small and cute. – I have some light hair
highlights like she does. – Got the same hair, hair color. – I don’t think we really
have the same body type. – Samson, do you think
people are gonna know Morgan’s your human? – Mhm. – So Nina, do you think
dogs look like their people? – Yeah, often. – I think sometimes, yeah. – Do you think you’re
gonna be able to match these people to their
dogs based on their looks? – I will do my best, yes. – Hand the leash of the dog to
the person you think owns it. – Oh my God. Sorry. All right. This one is for red pants. – Thanks. (dogs bark) (chuckling) – How about (mumbles)? (chuckles) Let’s go to your dad or mom. – [Man with red hair] The
faster the better for me. Oop. (dogs bark) – What? Is it the hat? – Dogs hate hats. – Dogs hate hats. (all laugh) – I guess you. – Thank you. – Matching them up with
confidence over here, Nina. Good work. – [Nina] It’s all in the face. – Hugo, how do you think you did? – Horrible. – How many do you think you got right? – Two, maybe? – How confident are you
that you have these right? – I’m pretty confident. – I think I got two right. – So Megan, is this your dog? (buzz) – It is not. – Samson, is that your human? (dog whines sadly) – Samson is not my dog, nor
does he wanna be my dog. – Franklin is not my dog. (buzz) – Cannot pull Fay over here, cuz she is so desperate to get back to Megan (laughs). – Ah! (buzz) What? (buzz) – Roxy is not my dog. (buzz) She’s my dog. – [Girl in Jeans] Yes! (all laugh) – Megan, is Roxy your dog? – She is not. (buzz) – Fay is not my dog. (buzz) – Franklin is not my dog,
(buzz) but I’m honored that you think that he is. – Aw. – Claire is not my dog. (buzz) (all laugh) – Chewie my dog. (ding) – Good. You have the same hair. – Samson is not my dog. (buzz) – What? – Darling is my dog. – Oh good! – So two correct. – Okay. – You ready to find out the real answers? – Yeah, let’s go. – Is Fay your dog? – (ding) Fay is my dog. – Samson is not my dog. (buzz) – Yeah, Rocky’s my dog. (ding) – Chewie is my dog. (ding) – Franklin is not my dog. (buzz) – Potter is not my dog. (buzz) – And Morgan, is Darwin your dog? – Darwin is unfortunately
not my dog. (buzz) – So contestants, are you
ready to find out who won? – [Together] Yes. – It was Hugo by a long shot. – Yes! – How many did you get right, Hugo? – Three. – [Together] Aw. – How’s it feel to be a champion? (Hugo barks) – Awesome (chuckles). – And how does it feel to be a loser? – Great (laughs). – I feel like I should get a
dog as my consolation prize. – All right dog owners,
get your real dogs. – Here you go. Jump into her arms. (chuckling) There we go. – I think there’s some family resemblance in hair color, some eye
connections, makes sense. – Looks can be deceiving, but hey. Some of them like she
said, yeah, they look quite like their owners. – They don’t look like their owners. – Folks, that was, “Do people
really look like their dogs?” And I would say the jury
is definitely still out. What do you think?

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