Do Rottweiler attack kids while having their food ? By Baadal Bhandaari 9878474748

Hello, everyone i am your friend and host Baadal Bhandaari and i am welcome you to your favorite YouTube channel that is Baadal Bhandaari Dogs your friends forever. Dear friends today i am having my Don my all time favorite rottweiler Papa.. leave it and my five years daughter Ibaadat is accompanying us,she is very passionate about dogs. Dear friends we are going to feed Don with dog feed with boiled eggs, it is recommended to scramble the eggs as much as possible before feeding , this is help in easy digestion. now the dog is waiting for his meals, baby leave the brush. and my five years daughter will feed him, you will see we pat him while feeding, even we put in our hand in his bowl while he his having his meal but the dog will not react aggressively to it, as we have trained to developed his habits accordingly we can train any rottweiler this way you see my daughter is feeding him, he is enjoying his meals, and is not getting aggressive nor is attacking her. Ibaddat you may sit on front of dog, and put your hand in bowl feed him with your hands. you can see he is not aggressive, he is showing excellent temperature and behavior . any kid can enjoy with dog my daughter is enjoying here, but the bound between the dog and kid is very important. friends you can see my rottweiler is eating his feed or my daughter is sitting on the back of the dog while he is having meals, what can a dog allow more than this? He know they are best friends, that’s why i have named my channel dogs your friends forever. Now she is hugging the do, he is not loosing his temperament even while enjoying non-veg feed . Friends you have seen my dog rottweiler Don and my daughter Ibaadat sharing a very pleasant bonding. any kid can have this kind of bond with any dog, provided he is trained for it accordingly I want this kind of temperament from your dog, you can consult me on my helpline number 9878474748 you feel free to call me regarding anything about dogs . please press the bell icon to subscribe my channel for latest updates. thanks for watching Baadal Bhandari presents Dogs Your Friends Forever..

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