Diseases passed from dogs to humans – Canine zoonoses

hi everybody my name is Debbie ray and I’m the owner of total german shepherd.com that’s total dash german shepherd.com and today I’d like to show little information with you a better subject called canine zoonoses what are they well canine and zoonoses are basically diseases that are passed from dogs or cats to actual human beings these diseases can be divided into three basic groups based on how you actually transmit the disease from the animal to the human being they can also easily be divided into groups based on your how you control how you treat them so the three ways basically are through coming in contact with contaminated urine or feces number two through coming in contact with hair or skin and number three through coming in contact when bitten or scratched so the first topic will talk about or through the having any kind of diseases through contact with contaminated urine or feces and let’s talk about hook worms first now hook worms entered the German Shepherds body in the area that comes directly in contact with the contaminated soil this is seem very common in the South traditionally the hook worms died after crawling several inches underneath the skin and they cause inflammation as a result of these parasites you know in the human’s body it causes a condition called creeping eruption and if this can last several weeks or months depending on you know the actual severity of the disease next let’s talk a little bit about leptospirosis and you’ve probably heard this before especially you know when you’re getting shots and that’s or think for your dogs leptospirosis can you know be gotten through if your dog comes in through any contact with contaminated drinking water or by swimming in contaminated waters if they lick their fur after they’ve been in contaminated water or eating any kind of food that’s been contaminated with animal urine a lot of different animals can actually carry leptospirosis however uh you know most people consider rats to be the culprit this does actual disease gives humans flu-like symptoms including chills body aches and vomiting as well as fever and headache sometimes kidney damage can occur can occur as well this disease is not usually fatal though it does make us host really miserable for up to weeks at a time the next thing we’ll talk about around worms now round worms typically are swallowed by humans and then they will migrate into their body tissues and cost damage including you know you’ll get fever you’ll have possibly liver enlargement and this can last up to a year including symptoms of fever and other things so you just really want to be aware of this usually these parasites are found in common you know in small children like two to four years old and these children will mistakenly swallow the eggs and become infected if your children are playing in any area in which an animal has you know pooped or peed in the past or whatever excuse excuse me if they don’t wash their hands after coming in contact with the eggs from these you know from these animals and they inadvertently stick their hands in their eyes or their mouth or whatever and you know if they don’t wash their hands first they can you know very easily get round worms only rarely fatal but this the symptoms of this are usually you know mild although it may be really long lasting the next thing are tapeworms the tapeworms can easily be ingested by any German Shepherd who swallows the flea that’s infected you know when they’re biting or chewing at their code children can get the fleece and excuse me tapeworms the same way you know – the coach chewing a tape worm infestation in humans this way usually is pretty rare when you compare it to the way they usually get it which is through eating you know undercooked beef or pork toxoplasmosis rarely cause causes death in humans you know since most people develop a resistance to it through you know through their lives with normal exposure to it it can cause the birth defects though in children born to mothers who have been infected with it for the first time and haven’t developed an immunity to it themselves most commonly this is picked up through contact with infected cat feces or you know incoming contaminated soil so exactly you know how do we prevent any of these waste transmitted diseases well the first thing you want to do you want to clean up all pet droppings and wash your hands each and every time you come in contact with any kind of contaminated soil it’s extremely important to teach your children these steps as well just to make sure that they’re very very good about washing their hands each and every time the next thing you want to do is you want to to wash your dog you know if it’s going to any kind of water that you’re unsure of and maybe it has been contaminated with with any of these diseases you want to get it home you know get it home and bathe that as quickly as you can okay so let’s talk a little bit about the topic of any kind of diseases that are spread through hair or skin contact and fleas for the first one we’ll talk about now fleas prefer feeding on your German Shepherd though they’ll not turn up the chance of an occasional meal on a human as well so just be aware next let’s talk about ring worms now ring worms are commonly found in children although anybody can be infected but this disease is caused by a skin and hair eating fungus that usually appears first as the round red or scaly patch later this will grow any outward in a circular formation and it’s the most common fungal disease currently reported now Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a tick-borne disease and it can cause symptoms such as fever chills and headaches though it’s usually not fatal symptoms can last for many weeks at a time and it can’t be treated with antibiotics what you want to do in case you know you have a tick on your dog or whatever and you need to get it off you want to make sure you wear gloves to try to prevent any possible chance of you getting this okay scabies escapees is another thing that you need to be aware of this is a less commonly found version of mange however it can still cause intense itching irritation and even thickening of the skin animal mange can live in human skin though it can’t reproduce there but humans do have their own version of the scabies mite now how exactly do we prevent any of these skin or hair transmitted diseases well the first thing you want to do is to to make sure that your dog is healthy by providing it you know a proper diet and you know good care keep it you know as healthy as possible nice your first best defense secondly you want to make sure that you frequently grew your dog be aware of any changes in its coat you know is it losing hair does it have mats and tangles does it have ticks or fleas or anything like that you just want to make sure that you’re very aware of your dog’s coat and you also want to make sure you know if you get a chance of herbal repellents are very good choices in combating you know many of the diseases we just discussed so if you allow your dog to roam if it’s really really stressed out or if it comes in contact with any other dogs that already have these diseases this this is the three most common ways that the dogs usually get these diseases that we just discussed so what you want like to do yourself you need to you know make sure you always wash your hands after contact with any infected dog and minimize contact you know yourself as well as with your own animals with any strange dogs in your area or any sick animals all right now let’s talk a little bit about the topic of diseases that are spread through bites and scratches and first of all we’ll talk about cat scratch fever the cat scratch fever can cause different things such as enlarged lymph nodes it can also cause fever it can make people just really really worn out and if you have you know this happened it can happen even weeks after you’re scratched or after you’re bitten but not usually fatal it can be really uncomfortable and it can you know have different complications infected cat bites can be infected you know with lots of different bacteria but the symptoms are usually very similar probably the best thing to do is to make sure you thoroughly wash any area that’s bitten or scratched by a cat and to clean it often and clean it frequently just to make sure that you hopefully can prevent any kind of infection from occurring the next thing we’ll talk about is rabies and I’m sure all of you are familiar with this rabies is virtually 100% fatal once the clinical symptoms appear this disease is carried by a virus that’s transmitted through the saliva of any infected animal that has rabies symptoms typically include frothing at the mouth staggering they can be aggressive you’ll see but behavioral changes or personality changes convulsions that the animal just won’t make normal in other words if you happen upon any kind of animal showing you any of these disease symptoms get away from it as quickly as possible and alert your local authorities or animal control officer so that they can you know capture this animal and and do what’s needed if you do get bitten by a chance you want to make sure that you’re at least aware of where the animal goes to or where you last saw the animal so that the authorities can you know can have that information in order to track it down so again this is something that’s very very serious and you want to make sure that that you’re that you don’t come in contact with it if absolutely possible so how do we prevent any kind of bite or scratch transmitted diseases well first of all again you want to make sure that you keep your German Shepherd in the best health possible give a lot of exercise a good diet grew more frequently and just make sure that your dog is in the best condition it absolutely can be in this will help you fight off a lot of things secondly you want to try to minimize any kind of contact that your dog will have with strange animals or with with sick pets or with with wild animals even that makes you know coming to your yard and very important especially for rabies you want to make sure that you always keep your dog turn on any vaccines that it may need especially you know there are several vaccines that may be more permanent in your area as opposed to other so just always keep your dog colonels vaccine schedule if you’d like to learn more about the german shepherd dog any kind of health related information training background whatever please visit us at total German Shepherd calm that’s total dash german shepherd calm and I also have a book that I’ve just written about the German Shepherd cult and that you can you can reach at going to the website total dash german – shepherd net and that’s called your total German Shepherd I know a pet owner’s guide and again that’s at total dash german – Shepherd dotnet thank you very much for your time I hope you’ve enjoyed them to information and have a good day

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