Dialects, Newfoundland and Labrador

There’s so much to be learned. That history is running through every single one of us. There’s more of a variation of
dialects in Newfoundland and Labrador, than anywhere else in North America. People came from England, people came from France, people came from the Basque countries, they came from Portugal, they came from Ireland, and they settled in very different places but all of these places were, you know, isolated communities, and their language that they brought with them – it stayed there and then it continued to grow, and they passed it to their children and their children. And that’s where the dialects come from and that’s why we have so many beautiful words, and beautiful turns of phrase, and beautiful accents and lilts, you know from all over the province. And I say to the kids all the time that you need to rely on the history and the stories, and those hundreds of years that run through your blood. It makes you realize it’s important, really important, to continue those traditions. Because if we lose it then we won’t be different, we won’t be distinct. [choir singing]
duff…nunch…scuff…squish…twack You know I think people are hugely proud
of being from Newfoundland and Labrador now, because we recognize what makes you different, makes you special.

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