Diagnosing Hip Dysplasia in Puppies

Dogs that develop hip dysplasia develop it
when they’re juvenile, it’s a developmental condition in other words. So, the condition actually starts typically
when they’re very young 2,3,4 months of age, and then, it can silently progress. Now there’s varying degrees of pain associated
with it, many dogs with hip dysplasia as puppies have very little pain, and they may only display
kind of a bunny hopping gait. So, they’re gait may be different from a normal
dog, but they may not be outwardly limping. So, what we have to do is we have to palpate
the hips and the best time to do that is when the puppy is about four months of age when
it’s getting its rabies shot, because they’re all coming back to the hospital so it’s a
great opportunity to assess the hips. So, we’ll take the hip through a range of
motion and do some palpation, and one of the tests would be a test called the ortolani
test, what we’re looking for is to demonstrate laxity in the hip joint, and if we perceive
this, then we may have options for treating this and preventing the progression of arthritis
in the hip.

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