Denmark Hill Conservation Reserve | Adventures with Luna our Labrador

On this dog friendly adventure I take Luna for a short hike instead of our evening walk When we arrived We had about an hour of daylight left So it was great timing to finish the hike on top of the nearby water tower for some great sunset views From the carpark We follow the trail down into the valley to start our hike The plan was complete a full circuit around the reserve And finish back at the car park where the local water tower was located Rob: “So Water Tower Circuit” All the trails are well paved and easy to follow It was also very shady the whole way I usually take Luna around the block for a quick walk in the evenings But this was a lot more interesting than our usual walk I let Luna off lead for a little bit as there weren’t any other people around Once we came upon the main area I put her back on lead Rob: “Luna!” Rob: “Stay” She’s a good girl We made our way through this creek crossing which was completely dry at the time This marked the halfway point of our little hike Luna was a little puffed but seemed like a pretty happy pup On an adventure with her favorite person We checked out this triassic themed shelter It had info on local and indigenous history Afterwards We pressed on towards the Quarry Pond Rob: “Go, keep going” It’s been a dry summer So the water seemed a little bit low Rob: “It’s okay” Rob: “Not the best i’ve seen” We continued on the circuit which took us up and around the quarry When we got to the lookout above the Quarry Pond We took a quick break to cool off We then made our way down the Quarry and continued on the trail back to the carpark Luna was feeling energetic after the break and was pulling ahead on the lead She pulled me up these last set of stairs too Having completed the circuit We had another quick break and had a drink before climbing more stairs to reach the top of the water tower Rob: “Keep going” Rob: “One more” Rob: “One more set” Rob: “Oh wow” Rob: “It’s nice up here” It was a nice and easy midweek adventure with Luna Thanks for watching

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  • After dinner that night, Luna stretched on on the living room floor and that's where she slept for hours. She snored like a train roaring past, so we know she had a great time and was completely spent.

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