Daniel Craig and Puppies Present: Your New Aston Martin // Omaze

Daniel Craig here with some news that you might find interesting. To benefit the United Nations Mine Action Service, I’m teaming up with Omaze and Aston Martin to invite you to join me for something truly priceless. In fact, when you have a grand prize of this magnitude, it can be difficult to quantify the value in dollars and cents. So let’s break it down to something a bit more universal: puppies. For example, your free flight and accommodation in a four-star hotel. That’s worth… two puppies. And since you can bring a friend, which equates to doubling those reservations, then naturally the value rises to… four puppies. Simple math. Or is it? Because following your check-in, perhaps some room service, we’ll arrange for a driver to deliver you and your guest to a location I’ve arranged just for this occasion. Six puppies you say? Not a bad guess. But in this case, it’s just one. Sergeant Whiskers. You and I will have a chat. And then I’ll introduce you to this: an Aston Martin Vantage GT Roadster. Customized by me and just for you. For just 10 dollars, this one of a kind Aston Martin could be yours. So click the link on your screen or go to omaze.com/daniel to enter. Because the greatest value of this experience is the number of lives we can save by supporting the incredible work of the United Nations Mine Action Service. And that’s worth all the puppies in the world. Hey. [dog noises] Where’d my puppies go? [laughter]

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