Dalton Harris: Emotional Singer from Jamaica With A SHOCKING Voice! | The X Factor UK 2018

Good luck it. Hello Hello, what is your name? But it was Dalton Harris. And where are you from? I flew here from Jamaica The crowd likes that Are some of your musical inspirations don’t Like Mind work, please Colton you’re a little bit nervous, aren’t you? Yes, don’t be nervous. I want you to enjoy every second of this All right name is Dalton Harris, I’m 24 years old. I’m from Jamaica and I am a performer. That’s what I do for a check I grew up in a single-parent household where it was my mother and my older sisters. We were dirt poor We had one room that we sectioned into different parts. We never had electricity or running water It was a humble life. Anybody wouldn’t want that, but it was the perfect thing for me, you know And not a sad stories like how I came out of that and now I’m triumphant, you know, so I’m proud of them This is really gonna be the biggest break I get This I can say single-handedly the biggest woman most important moment of my life Now Dalton, what’s the song please I’m gonna be singing. Sorry seems to be the hardest word Oh Why doubt if a lot of people that I’ve come across Said sorry a lot of people could be left with a lot less pain. Ah Okay And just one more question Dalton, what is this competition mean to you It would mean everything because I wanted to be here for seven years. So this has been seven years watching and and then Preparing well, just go for it then To make you love me To make you care What do I do when lightning strikes me And a way to find that you’re there Oh This word what am I gonna do to make you love me? But whatever to make your hair I’m sorry seems to me hardest Was just how nervous you were even towards the end you nearly lost it I’m sorry from being intrusive, but can you explain why you were so emotional there? I’ve been alone since I was like 15 But I’ve accepted it So, you know And it’s not a it’s not a sad story it’s just it’s like it’s it’s been a lot it’s been a long time They She won me Well, you see this on TV and you thought that’s not gonna be me because I’m a gangster right You sang something which was sincere which was surprising gave me a whole new take on that song I’ve got to tell you thanks I don’t know why we have to experience some of the pain that we do But I’m so glad that your journey has brought you here because you are truly magnificent All I want to do is hear more of you saying, thank you I’m just rooting for you more than anyone I’ve seen so far. I really really want you to do well Tall and this is too easy. So yes, thank you. It’s a thank you. And yes. Thank you Good thing is it kind of happens in this. Yes Quite nice guy. Oh man. Well Donna after all nobody takes you really did Did you know

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