Cute Red Panda Cubs Go Exploring: ZooBorns

COMM: Meet two of Lincoln Park Zoo’s most recent arrivals, a pair of red pandas. A female
called Waveland and a male named Sheffield. COMM: After spending several months with their mother in their nest box, they have now begun
to explore their new home. COMM: These acrobatic animals largely live in trees, using their bushy tails for balance. COMM: Despite a shared love of bamboo, red pandas are not related to pandas. In fact,
scientists have put the mammals in their own category as ailuridae. Any other mammals
in this category became extinct three to four million years ago. These animals are now endangered
as a result of deforestation and poaching. COMM: But Lincoln Park Zoo has had two sets of cubs
in two years. They hope these new arrivals will inspire visitors to protect the species
in the wild.

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