– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (soft music) – I’m Annie with Odisseia Cane Corso. (soft music) I do a lot with my dogs. I participate in a sport
formerly known as Shiton, it’s called IGP now. But that’s my main thing that I do. So that involves tracking
and obedience and protection. And then I also show them in AKC conformation and
they do a little bit of like competitive AKC obedience stuff. I’m also a small hobby breeder. This will be my fifth
glitter in about six years. This litter is out of a pitch
I own Her name is Rania. She has an FH which is an
advanced tracking title. And she has a BH which
is a obedience title and a CGC and just stuff like that. And then she’s also an AKC grand champion. I showed her and finisher myself. I finished a really fast
out of the bread bite class, which I’m pretty happy about. And then Brutali is just a beautiful dog. He’s been doing really well off showing he’s kind of a young dog also like Rania, but he’s been really successful showing last year and this year and his chokers really kind of taking off. He has an amazing
temperament like he’s just he’s a really solid dog. He’s no nonsense, but
he’s not super high energy and he loves his ball. So he’s a pretty high drive dog, but not annoyingly energetic. He’s just, he’s great. He’s a really nice dog. He is an AKC grand champion and he’s I forget if he’s bronze or silver, but he’s done quite a lot. And then I know that he’s also up there as far as national rankings go. And then I think he has like some introductory obedience titles. I think he has a CGC and he
has his Rally Novice title. Both of the parents are
two and a half years old. So it’s their first litter for both dogs, which isn’t necessarily my a great thing about breeding them together since neither of them are proven but I like the dog. enough for me to think it
was worth it and to try it plus I’m really familiar
with both of the dogs in those families so
you know Brutalities mom and his nieces and nephews
I know a lot of dogs there and then obviously I
know Ronnie his family so that’s why I ended up
bringing them together I think they have traits that really complement each other very nice. Rania has beautiful structure and I think Brutali bring some things that she may be lacks like
she’s a little on the small side she doesn’t have a ton of bone and he really has a lot of that
a lot of those nice things. I’m just yeah I think
that they will complement each other really well. So because this is both
of their first litter it’s a little bit hard
to judge the splitter because I can’t look at other
dogs Ronnie has produced or other dogs Brutalli has produced but I do like what I’m seeing so far. The temperaments seem to be really even and kind of all the
puppies are pretty much the same based on that there are definitely
some puppies that look a little more more like Brutali, and some that look a
little bit more like Rania, which isn’t, uncommon, and yeah, but I’m really happy with them so. (soft music) I was very pleasantly
surprised at how good of a job Rania did as a mother. She’s excellent, she really, she checks on them all the time. She fed everybody for, for several weeks, and even now, they’re
almost eight weeks old, she’s a little bit obsessive about them, which, is really good, even if it’s slightly annoying. It’s good that she’s so into them. So once I’ve decided on a breeding pair, then I will email everyone on
my waiting list, obviously, and I’ll put it just an
announcement up on my website and or Facebook, yeah. So finding homes is a little bit like a Rubik’s Cube there are
a lot of moving parts and a lot of considerations. It starts with people are
interested in getting a puppy, usually they’ll contact me through email. And first I really like to have everyone fill out an application. It’s a couple pages long. So that already like a lot of people who just want their puppy right now, like, that kind of already filters
a certain amount of people out everyone who fills out
the application they get a response email and then after that I start coming through the
individual applications and kind of looking at the questions I look at where they
live in relation to me. I prefer homes that are
closer, family homes and or people who will
do something with a dog which is also important to me based on all the stuff I do with them. So that the application is
where I begin the process. So some of the questions
on the applicant are who’s in the household with you? How many other cats, dogs, whatever. How many other pets do you have? Have you own a large breed dog before? I asked a couple questions about training, how do you feel about pre training? Because that’s really important to me stuff like that. Yeah. Like Have you ever
surrendered a dog to a shelter given one back to the
breeder given one away? Or and why did you do that? like, there can be plenty
of legitimate reasons for someone who has to give up a dog but they’re also not be so you have questions like that. And then there are a couple
right and answers like why do you want this dog? Why is that important to you? After the application I kind
of start to narrow it down and then I start picking out
the applications that suit that I think will make the best homes so and what exactly that entails is a little bit different
depending on my needs too, right? So if I have, I like to make sure that I
place the puppies as close to me as possible because then
if something happens, I can help out. Or I can be a little bit more
involved if I need to be. Whereas if I send a
dog across the country, that’s not really a reality, right? Like, or makes that a lot more difficult. So, yeah, I definitely
kind of look at geography and look at what they put on the application and just what I feel by reading it, how serious they are, and how much time and effort
they’ll put into their puppy. Once I’ve gone through
all the applications and narrowed it down to the
ones that I really liked. And I reached back out and kind
of describe the availability like, “Hey, I’m going to
have a litter in a year.” Or, “I have a little right now.” Or whatever the time frame is. And then once we’ve spoken on the phone, there’s a little bit of a phone interview after the application. That’s when all accepted deposit if somebody wants that. So who picks the puppy is
is really the Rubik’s cube of the whole thing. There are a lot of moving parts, but the three main factors
are obviously the buyer and their preference, what’s suitable for them? And how does that fit
into their preferences? What do I have available? And then also kind of how how does it fit into what I want to keep doing with my program. So, if I have a really nice dog, I want to send it with someone who’s going to do something with it. If I have a dog that I think
has a strong working potential, I’m going to give priority to someone who has demonstrated to me that they’re going to do
something with the dog and work the dog or show
the dog or whatever it is and then obviously if they are willing and are able to keep that
dog around for future use. If it does turn out as
nice as I hope it does that that’s a huge bonus to me. And that helps me a lot as a breeder, because I’m can’t keep them all in my yard and they should all be
living with families. So those are kind of the factors that revolve around each other in placing the dogs ultimately. Most of the families
that I seek out are just, they just want pets. So most of those people
aren’t really you know that interested in reading
rights in the first place. And that’s more important to me is than. I’ve had better luck talking people into keeping a dog intact, even
though they just want a pet then, the other way around and trying to rein someone in who’s like, no, I really want to read this dog. It’s a little bit more difficult. I definitely understand when people are paying
a lot of money for a dog they want to own the dog entirely, right, like they want to pick their dog and then they want their breeding rights and I completely
understand that viewpoint. It’s just not how I’m choosing
to do things right now. And I, I can’t be mad
at people who want that I’m just not the breeder for them. The reason I do that is you know a lot. Some of it is, selfishly like I want access to what I want access to and I don’t want my name
attached to something that is out there that ends up
falling into the wrong hands are causing problems and I feel like not
selling the breeding rights minimizes that a little bit. It’s not foolproof, I mean sometimes we must judge people even if we have all the applications and all the interviews and everything, bad stuff can still happen. But I do feel like kind of not
selling the breeding rights and being a little bit
more diligent about what, which puppy goes where is
beneficial in the long run and minimizes risk. Doesn’t eliminate it. But I do think it minimizes it. The contract that I sell
the dogs under is really there to protect the buyer. It’s there to protect the puppy and it’s there to protect me. So the contract kind of describes, in the event of worst
case scenarios, right, like the dog is unhealthy
or something bad happens, it’s stipulates that I
should get the dog back, kind of like a right of
first refusal kind of thing. It also stipulates no breeding
and kind of just basic stuff that I think helps ensure
the well being of the dog. Obviously, it’s just paper so it really depends on
that pep, the family’s commitment to that document, but I do think it really helps
to outline my expectations and it makes everything very clear, right? I do the tails and the ears before the puppies leave the house. For if you buy it out
for me it’s not optional. And again, I understand
if people don’t want that. But that’s my choice. And it’s important to
me for a couple reasons. So number one, it’s a
traditional look at the dog. That’s how they’re supposed to look. And usually when people
ask for natural ears, one, I want to make sure that we say like, it’s actually not natural,
because in nature, there are no ears that are
floppy like that, right? So we’re really restoring how
that you’re supposed to be from breeding that we’ve
made that your sloppy sometimes I get families that say like, “Oh, we just want the
dog to look less scary.” Which I also get in those instances. Usually I recommend
just a different breed. Bullmastiff are awesome dogs. There are a lot of dogs
that fit other bills. This breed is important for me that it looks the way
it’s supposed to look. We do a lot to prepare the
puppies for their new home. So I’m there my litters
are whelped in the house. And then when it’s time
for them to start weaning, I put them out and they’re weaning pen but even like from the moment
that they can kind of walk and they’re a little more
ambulatory and their eyes are open I start litter box training that has been really really helpful. It’s amazing how easily they take to it and how much they really
want to use their litter box and not potty where you
know they’re sleeping in. In addition to that I
started crate training them there about five weeks
old I start that and so by the time they go home you know not they’re still baby dog so
they’re not crate trained fully or potty trained but they really have a they have a great head start. I started a little bit of just
shaping behaviors and louring and like building the things that they need to learn for obedience later. We don’t do a lot of… There’s nothing formal
happening because they’re babies but we do try to do a lot with them. I tried to, offer different
kinds of stimulus every day, like I’ll change their toys out or put new obstacles in their pen, just that kind of stuff, get them acclimated to different noises. And, I try to have them meet dogs that I consider safe around them. So they’re not just seeing my dogs and in obviously there are
lots of people coming over to see them. So that’s not really a problem. We really try to expose
them to as much as possible. So every dog I sell goes
home with a puppy packet and in the puppy packets, there is like a guide on what
I’ve done with the puppy kind of training that I
think is most beneficial talks about pre training and
potty training and grooming and kind of very basic information
about rearing your puppy and then your contract is in their health information, that kind of stuff. So the process even though
it might seem extensive, which I guess it is, or
some might think it isn’t, but for me, it makes me feel
like it minimizes the risk of the dogs falling into a position where they’re not going to
be cared for properly, or where the family is going to be like, we can’t handle this dog,
it’s way too much for us. So it really serves to
protect everyone involved, including me, including the puppy owners, and ultimately the dog. Ultimately, I think this
process helps the breed because it minimizes the
risk of the breed ending up in the news, for example,
for the wrong reasons. And kind of the flip side of
that is that seeing the dogs in successful homes, whether it’s a show home or working home, or even if it’s just a great companion, that’s well mannered
and a loved family pet that’s good for the breed, right? Like that’s what people should be seeing. That should be the representation. (soft pop music) This is Annie with Odisseia Cane Corso. Thank you for watching. I hope this video helps people understand the pet buying process a little better. And even though it might seem rigorous, I hope it kind of sheds light on why it’s best for the puppy the new owners and really the breed overall. (upbeat music)


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    I have bred Rottweiler's for roughly 10 years now. Not show dogs but they are all registered and come from good genetic lines. With every dog I sell there is a contract in place regarding the dog. If the purchaser no longer wants or has the needs to provide for the dog it is to be returned to me. If you want to breed your dog I am okay with it however, I want to know who/what you plan to breed with. I am not going to allow you to breed a dog you got from me with just some random dog. Because as she said even 10 generations later that puppy can be traced back to me. As for her stating she crops the tails and ears of all of her dogs. Why wouldn't she, she also stated she prefers to place them in homes where they will be show dogs. Take a Cane Corso to a show without cropped ears and a tail and see how that works out for you. There are standards to showing any form of dog if you don't want to abide by them don't buy from a breeder selling show dogs.

    From the comment section it appears everyone is used to just buying from a random breeder. Some people don't mass produce liters of dogs for the money they breed them to keep the genetic line going. Then again these are the same people who feel these dogs are over priced. If you want full rights to a top of the line dog breed go find either someone who is breeding for money, or has no care for the dog breed itself there are plenty of them out there.

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