Cute and Cuddly Prairie Dogs | Sam’s Zookeeper Challenge

hey everybody look who I get to work with today this is gonna be such a fun challenge so cool tough life for a prairie dog what I think your job might be a little bit harder it’s easy you really enjoy the job there’s a lot of rewards as you can see it’s very enjoy a little longer thing this colonies belts around 20 to 30 individuals I can’t imagine how cool it is underground oh it’s yeah I’m a little bit jealous a nice they get a few everyone you’re like what’s going on down there they probably have the coolest parties so I hear that their normal behavior is you know every single day when Sun rises up they come up hang out all day and then go back in during some essentially though they’ll probably come up a little bit at night to eat okay gotcha [Music] all right let me know what you want me to do so we give the hey every day I mean that’s kind of like I don’t want to thank filler but it’s a stable part of their diet but they eat this throughout the 24 hour okay on that it’s out so when we’re shaking out the hey this is Timothy hey okay so it’s pretty fluffy do I smell it yeah right it smells good yeah yeah I suggest that make sure it’s not dusty or anything okay no foreign objects in there yep take a couple of piles high you’re gonna come right up right now alright so we put their food right by the hole so they don’t have to come out they’re already got their food so cute I just want to take him home with me there you go I know okay oh my god so cute thank you that’s pretty Wow Cal in Brussels sprouts I mean that’s cooler than the food that I eat it is they get a very good buy and they get a lot of diversity in their diet so that’s today’s diet they always get the green it looks like it’s easy to just like munch on so we’ll go put some more stations after you put it right by their pay so that they kind of gotcha have to dabble in both exactly trying to grab the pellets absolutely so where are the pellets are those more nutrients vitamins that yes essentially just the compact nutrients that supplement what they don’t get and what we feed them that they might get out in the wild you’re gonna come on hurry up they’re so cute good job there you go look how cute you are what my gosh Wow you can definitely see who comes out and eats the most because they tend to be the widest they’re so cute bye little guy waffles today was super fun do you think I’m at the challenge do you think you met the challenge absolutely these prairie dogs are amazing they’re really fun to watch just the social interactions how they come out and eat and you put them calling – laughs yeah let go there so we’re walking over there thank you so much letting me do this yeah can we go look at them a little bit more okay today was a super hot one guys but if you want to watch more videos like this click here and don’t forget to subscribe below

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