You stole my merch I didn’t steal it clear out and Out of the house, and it was part of the rubbish though Morgan I think when you’re my chance to kind of calm down and think about this you realize that we’ve done you a favor Good gone Morgan. You’re obviously in some sort of shock for some reason going back for this well Yeah, I get you back for this. Oh, yeah, okay? We’ll see so team Morgz this morning a crime happened Right here in this very house worse than anything ever happened to me in my entire life my brand-new pranking merchandise was stolen by mom and this This is what I’ve been left with Now I can’t even begin to explain to you guys. What emotions are traveling through my body right now I can’t even begin to explain how annoyed I am I feel like my heart has just been stolen the brand new merch gone taken away from me. I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do now basically what happened is earlier today this morning mum recorded a video where she Basically said that the reason she stole my merchandise was because mine was selling better than hers and she was losing the competition Not only is she salty that i’m richer at 16 She’s now salty the embarrass selling merch at 16. She told face the truth She can’t face the facts that team Morgz is better than team mom so she had to cheat Look at my body.LOOK AT MY BODY! I’m wearing a dressing gown! I don’t have anything else to wear She took the only thing that I wanted to wear now team Morgz I know what thinking Morgan you gotta get her back and don’t you worry. That’s exactly what I’m gonna Do but this more she deserves more she deserves more a punishment for this. This is too far She knew that she was losing the competition She knew people were worse than people she knew the team walls were the real kings So she had to break the boundaries and cheat I have one thing to say to team Morgz number of the revenge I’m than together in this video will surpass any Revenge that I have ever gotten before and number two This is a time where team Morgz could crumble instead I say no don’t let her get our heads guys the reason she took it was to try and boost her sales and killed my sales on the Merge so she could win the competition But what I take to that is hell no Keep getting up Murch keep annihilate team mom keep being the strongest army ever and I know We can pull this back and today. I’m gonna prove it I’m gonna prove once again Why I am the prank King and she calls herself a queen She’s no Queen There’s only one spot in this house for a king or queen and I know that I am the real king And she is just a peasant I need to calm down for a second But if you’re not already subscribed remember to go around and subscribe it’s becoming a bit deep right now It’s becoming a choice team Morgz people remember join the strongest armies join the army that fights for what we believe in Join an army who doesn’t take shortcuts this doesn’t either way to success join team Morgz right now Smash that subscribe button of let’s try and a play rate mom in as many ways as possible because let’s try and smash twenty five thousand likes on this video I just want to smash that goal to show her that not only with his strongest selling merch the strongest against subscribers the strongest of pranking we’re also the strongest and getting them likes so let’s all just People and just obliterate more through the fraud and the cheat that she is now the prank for this video guys It’s gonna be a good one you probably wondering who’s behind the camera right now? Martin’s behind the camera right now who let me add I’m not happy with because he was involved in the prank that mom did on me earlier he said I know that was a bit too far so I’m willing to help you on a Prank on mom so I said okay I know exactly what we should do this Tuesday is Halloween which means the clowns are back in trend you guys may remember the killer clowns from last year And I’m sure mom does too. That’s why today. I’m gonna prank her with a clown now mom’s upstairs right now I’m gonna go up to her. I’m gonna play the bait I’m gonna play the victim, and I’m gonna say since you pranked me earlier Could you take me on a trip to Starbucks because that is my favorite place to go and she knows that oh this isn’t gonna Be a normal trip to Starbucks. No no no this is gonna be a different trip because what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna dress Martin up as a killer clown I’m gonna let him go and get in the car and hide on the backseat And then as mom gets out of the car Martin is gonna come from the back seat into the front seat and he is gonna drive off and I’m gonna pretend like a clown Who’s just kidnapped me and stole a mom’s car in the process guys this could be the craziest prank I’ve ever done But I need to hit back with a bang I know there’ll be plenty of new questioning is Morgz really the prank king after I’ve just been humiliated by mom on her Channel But what happens when you get humiliated and pranked? You prank them back and humiliate them. Even more guys this could be the best one yeah And all I’m asking for you guys is to sit back and enjoy it because it is well and truly Going down the fall of mom okay, so boys and girls. I’ve just got dressed I’ve calmed down a little bit since the last clip But everything is getting more everything’s getting more into into plan right now guys Martin Has the clown sute on and I’m gonna show it you in three two one bang Oh Whoa What’s going on here, but we’ve got a little axident in there You know it’s not real burn you actually mean oh, no. We’re good. I I’m not sure about the hair I think maybe we should like just like it about my leave my hair alone. Oh at least you’ve actually got hair. Mum’s upstairs right now and basically what we’re gonna Do we’re going to get Martin in the car right now. And then I’m gonna go up get mum convince her to come to Starbucks, and then we can get this prank started But guys this is gonna be a good one. Let’s start by getting Martin in the car. Okay, then well Yo, I gotta say you’re looking about 25 times scarier with the lie like that do a little dance do a dance, bro So I believe it is that Oh Yep, sorry mom. This is going down and you can do nothing about it so bro Can you lay down and be out of sight there that is the question you’re gonna have to really get low no this is gonna Be tricky this is gonna be tricky. This is gonna be tricky. You know can he do it. Oh my god. No No, he isn’t yo, that’s good. You only think that’s good, bro. I don’t think she’ll see freaking hell guys. This is going down Let’s go get mom You need to stay hidden, bro. I’ll be back soon Okay
Boys and girls stage free of this prank right now is go and get warm and convince her to come to Starbucks with me So guys, let’s flip and do this right now. Oh? Yeah, you know since earlier obviously with what happened with you obviously still my merge and everything I’m sort of happy about it by the way But is there any chance you could come get me a Starbucks for moving me to make up to know that I’ve got to go Get some money anyway Okay so mum is coming down right now I’m gonna tell that I’m vlogging The usual excuse because it’s just such a good one like I vlog every day so like she never suspects a thing Especially since she pranked me earlier guys earlier She ain’t gonna suspect this quick of a reply yo, so it’s a bit dark right now But mom are you excited for your trip? Do you actually want anything from Starbucks? But before anything Mormon don’t think you’re gonna get away with this without me confronting you about the prank you did it was too far Oh, don’t be silly Morgan. I that’s my mooch. That’s my merch. What do you need to help me out? How are you possibly help me out cuz I’ve got rid of it, and now you can just use mine mine’s back sir I’ll leave the keys in our I just Darling don’t touch anything. Yeah, let me get me card out Francisco Yo, yo yo yo yo yo, yo yo do it now do it now do it now I’m a shower mum it’s a clown imma shout movies to come bro. Do it yo she’s running. She’s running. She’s running She’s running. Can you see it guys? Can you see mom mom is a cloud is a cloud a cloud mom mom? She’s down there. Yo, she’s down there dr pressing and pulling next to her. Can you see it guys? She’s all the way all the way the end down there Y’all think she’s no one she’d pull and pull it Monica wake come on quick boys a clown rosy cloud quick quick Oh My gosh that was crazy yo yo she’s calling. It’s not her that’s her Mom Mom Mommy said hi old It’s a clown mom then I’ll speak in then I’ll speak in helping mommy swooping round he’s looping around again Well get ready to stop him. I’ll be looping around while he’s looping round. No. Don’t don’t kill me fun Don’t do before just try and make a distraction mum please Help me, Cleveland play play She said no. She’s willing yo yo yo yo yo, I pull the window down mom Do something Donald called you know where the nearest at McDonald’s is my own way Miles away show yo fit bro know what’s actually doing. Let’s go for it, bro. Yo so guys That’s phase one of the prank done right there now mine. How about how about we go to flippin McDonald’s and get some food? Right now we’re gonna go in McDonald’s and what I’m gonna Do I’m gonna call mom in a moment and tell her that she needs to come to McDonald’s? That’s where the clown said we go in and see if she actually comes in like a taxi or like whatever guys We’ll have to see if she comes, but if she does it’ll be so funny So I’m gonna call her right now guys and see if we can make her call mom the clowns that he’s taking me to McDonald’s, mom I think it’s Ronald McDonald mum So I don’t know, but then they want they wanted Chesterfield mom please just be quick. Please be quick mum please okay Always hanging up the phone mom Bobby Oh, nope I am whore yo So we’ve just arrived at McDonald’s Mine’s just putting the master back on obviously driving without the mass because we’ve got to be safe might haven’t wait rubbish a good Responsibility for the kids and the youth of the UK we’re gonna go into McDonald’s right now and bro We’re gonna actually dislike two videos in one this scene the reaction the McDonald staffs reaction to the prank to the clown But are you excited? Yeah, anyway, mr. Clown. Do you want anything from McDonald’s is the real question? Wanted the attempted mr.. Clown mr.. Clown does love his McDonald’s. Well. My loves as McDonald’s. I don’t know if mr. Collins is McDonald. I think I’m gonna go with a diet coke well, and maybe some nukes, bro. Maybe some nukes Why are you going for some nog? Maybe you gonna you gonna get some looks oh? You’re gonna get are you gonna get a milkshake? Believe it bro. We going to the first window you ready to make some new friends. Oh, yeah. Oh yes here We go bro. Come on. I have indigo the club should have Bobby some money, bro. There you go bro. Go nuts. Oh damn Why’d you rate is out for a turn? Hey oh That was not racing. I don’t think he cares, bro. I don’t see you staring him down. Mr.. Connelly’s is not scaring anyone today Yo, so guys we got the food just leaving right now. How do you think that went bro got even Babbar? All right? I took agent Donald Help me help me mommy help me Yo, she came no, she’s actually here. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Yo She know she’s Going down. Oh my god Oh My god I’m ashamed of you shamed terrified For night out In my car anyway you stole my car, I’ll be running our streets looking for you. I’ll be terrified Please looking for ya Yes, Teresa, Grandad’s I might even coming out with you tonight. I’m going to tear out Well the my my my one of them well keep morgues just for today Well guys guys the end of another successful prank by the pro Now that we completed the prank, I want you guys to go on watch the one mom did on me just so you can see the levels of the two of us before you make a decision and who’s Mirchi bye boo see that’s the thing I want you guys to be buys the best merge the merge by the Person who actually is the king or queen so if you go to buy some merch I? Roll that you watch mom’s video so you can actually see, but I’m the bear pranker And I’m the true king and if you watch mom’s video I hope you’re watching this right now, so you can realize me moving on to different levels I’m the I’m where I’m out of the league the prank I just did required skill required intelligence required acting from me to stay in position it required though. I Required everything what did mom’s require it required me being asleep and her cheatin guys the merch is out right now at the moment We’re barely even after mom did not try and call me earlier. She pulled it back a bit, but tea mugs This is our chance to break back ahead Another successful prank on mama dog the link to the merch is in the description below, or you can just type in for You doing W. Dot mugs dot comb that’s all the Lincoln’s I don’t know why I keep saying it wrong Remember guys to also smash that subscribe button if you’re new Leave a like on the video if you’ve enjoyed it and comment down below. What prank I should do next I love you all so much the prank kings and you know if you’re a queen you’re still welcome on this channel because you know I Understand why you won’t want to be a mums Channel. I mean she can’t prank the save a life guys Thank you so much for watching and as always I can mould you guys been awesome And I’ll see you in my next video breathe out if you enjoyed the video then remember to subscribe to mug this Channel and don’t forget to leave a like if you have a big penis Thanks for watching please are happen

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